Rian McMurtry’s YA Novel ‘Between Light and Dark’ is Packed with Spice and Mystery

Author Rian McMurtry launches his latest young adult fiction novel, ‘Between Light and Dark.’ The seasoned writer has released another hit, marking a streak of exciting books. Much like his previous novels, this book is packed with adventure, spice, and mystery. Rian’s brand-new work made it to the shelves on July 20, 2020.

‘Between Light and Dark’ begins with an introduction to the protagonist, Angela Fujimori. The high school freshman is looking forward to starting her freshman year and is excited about the prospects that lie ahead. Angela is on the JV football, and like everyone else, she finds high school a lot more stressful than she anticipated.

Hailing from a safe, stable, wealthy community just north of San Francisco and west of the vineyards of Napa, Angela’s life is normal in this valley nestled in the hills.  While she hangs out with friends, dodges her schoolwork, and worries about boys, everything seems to be going well.

However, this town is not as safe as it looks, and mysteries aren’t just about who’s dating whom. Maybe Angela should have been worried about something else. And just before the first day, a bus accident changes everything, turning her world upside down.

Starting high school is hard enough, but try doing it while learning that you’ve got the power of magic, and you need to learn how to control it in case you end up killing someone (or not, no spoilers). This is the kind of YA fic I love, love, love“, says an impressed reader.

Rian McMurtry grew up in San Francisco, Lucas Valley, CA. He later moved to Davis, CA, to attend university and remained there. Rian enjoys role-playing, particularly AD&D 2nd, Hackmaster 4th Edition, and Alternity 1st Edition, and is a Renaissance Faire re-enactor. Before he lost his foot, Rain was a dancer at Renaissance and Dickens Fairs.

Rian also holds a B.Sc. degree in Zoology, a J.D., and an LL.M. in Environmental Law. Before becoming an author, he has worked as a prosecutor, in private practice, and as a property manager and substitute teacher. He had a love of writing from an early age and decided to focus on writing fiction.

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