Using a Free VPN to Access Korean Variety Shows in 2021

With the massive popularity of Korean stars around the globe, fans just can’t seem to get enough of online content. From music shows to online concerts, there’s always something to look forward to. Sometimes, idols even cross over the Korean variety scene as a gift for fans. It’s understandable. Korean Variety shows have been an effective platform to showcase the charm and talents of Korean idols; which is why fans from all over the world often turn to these programs whenever their favorite group makes a comeback.

However, since most of the sites and channels that houses the best Korean variety shows are exclusive for the Korean audience only, international fans usually have to go through illegal ways just to watch the show. But not anymore.

With the power of a reliable Virtual Private Network service (VPN), fans from all over the world can watch their favorite Korean shows and re-watch them anytime with just a simple trick.

Fastest Free VPN for South Korea

By simply changing one’s virtual location, he or she can trick the server into believing that they are accessing the app or website from a different country. Hence, granting the user an easy pass to consume any Korean content they want. This is possible through a reliable VPN.

A VPN app helps users mask their real IP address to make it seem like they are in a different time zone. For example, a user living in India wants to access his or her bias group’s recent variety guesting but unfortunately, the content is unavailable in their country. Installing a VPN app and connecting to a South Korean server will do the trick. Once successful, relaunch the app or website and take it from there.

Now, a VPN doesn’t just help bypass geographical restrictions but can also protect one’s online privacy by keeping the identity and all their online activities private. This works by encrypting everything that is sent over the internet, so they’ll leave no trace behind.


Due to the risks of the pandemic, everyone is still encouraged to stay at home if possible. This means that an outdoor concert or fan meeting is still out of sight. Having said that, fans can support and meet their idols only through shows and other online activities for now. Even so, there are still many preparations to be done. A VPN connection is one. To be able to pass through strict Korean firewalls and enjoy comeback shows in the smoothest way possible, one must choose a good VPN.

For starters, a free VPN such as GoingVPN is recommended. It provides a fast and safe service that allows users to stream and download large files without risk. It runs a military-grade security system that protects users from hackers and other third-party agents, so fans have one less thing to worry about. Learn more here.

Bring out the light sticks and spread the word! Have a fun and safe house party, everyone!

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