MotoTix Introduces A New Way To Win a Car & Support Wildlife Conservation

MotoTix has recently introduced sweepstakes, a new way to help motor enthusiasts win their dream vehicle while supporting wildlife conservation. As enthusiasts get the chance to win their dream vehicle, 15% of the proceeds goes to the Wildlife Conservation Network, a non-profit organization that focuses on animal conservation for the most neglected species around the world. The MotoTix platform operates a charity sweepstake where 18+ males who are interested in automobiles, modified cars, car reviews, automotive news, car sweepstakes, and lotteries are given the opportunity to experience the feeling of freedom and thrill that the best of breed vehicles can offer. 

People get the chance to win their dream vehicle to experience the feeling of freedom and thrill that the best-of-breed vehicles can offer. All while giving back to very important causes related to the welfare of animals. That’s a Win-Win!

The mode of operation is very transparent – MotoTix raises money for charity by offering incredible vehicles as prizes. Participants get the chance to win their dream car, motorcycle or even a jet ski by simply selecting the number of entries they would like to receive for any given vehicle they desire. Entries will be tallied up and the winner will be selected at random by MotoTix New York partner third-party verifications company in New York, the National Sweepstakes Company (NSC) who will verify the winner under strict regulations. NSC has worked with many fortune 500 companies to help administer sweepstakes legally for over 30 years.

MotoTix’s goal is to help participants gain ownership of their next or even a first car, motorcycle, off-roader or watercraft for a fraction of the costs just by donating to one of its automotive prize campaigns. While participants’ donations provide the chance to win their dream vehicle, the added bonus is that they are also supporting incredible causes as the proceeds are donated to publicly registered charities and who are making a real impact.

As a company that strives towards creating equally fair relationships with the community, MotoTix always aims at creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Customers get access to their dream vehicle in a seamless way, Charity organisations unlock new passive revenue streams, and automotive dealerships get access to new customers, increase brand awareness and drive new revenues all from the MotoTix platform.

‘‘I have to say in all honesty from the bottom of my heart I absolutely love what he’s doing for our wildlife, MotoTix isn’t just about a chance to win your dream car. They are donating proceeds toward wildlife preservation all around the world so you know what you’re paying for.” says one of MotoTix’s customers, Aaron Rhys.

Watch a video of MotoTix awarding one of their winners with a $7,000 Kawasaki KLX:

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Available in Australia, United States, Canada, and the UK.

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