Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and Weight is Crucial to Singaporeans

Most individuals living in Singapore do not realize that having a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 23 or more is considered overweight.  Being over an ideal weight can lead to many health problems including heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, and of course, hypertension.  In addition, joints can take a beating when an individual is overweight, as, for every ten pounds of unneeded weight, forty pounds of pressure is put on the lower joints, namely the knees

Michael MacDonald Cardiology addresses the issue of overweight with a multifaceted approach.  One solution to curbing appetite and maintaining weight is not possible. Maintaining a healthy weight takes a variety of approaches, from learning to eat more healthy, exercising, and of course, if necessary using drugs to curb appetites.  Bariatric surgery for the most seriously obese, called morbid obesity might be sometimes benecessary.

Diets especially strict diets usually fail for the simple reason that they cannot be maintained forever.  Individuals that embark on strict diets usually find that the weight returns rapidly and many times more weight than ever is gained.  Strict dieting is simply not a good long-term solution. 

Practicing in Singapore at a large heart and vascular surgery centre since 2015, Doctor MacDonald focuses on weight management through a well-thought-out plan of care for each patient since each patient is unique.  Some techniques that are incorporated can be fasting to jumpstart a weight reduction, dietary restrictions on carbohydrates, tailored exercise programs and nutritional guidance. 

While drugs can be used to enhance weight reduction and maintenance, all drugs have side effects and should be used only within a medical weight reduction program, with the supervision of a doctor like Michael MacDonald.  The costs of weight maintenance will vary depending upon the program that is applied to each patient.  Doctor MacDonald follows each patient’s progress carefully and adjusts the approach as weight diminishes. 

Currently, Singaporeans are overweight at about 36% of the population, catching up quickly with the widespread obesity that plagues other countries.  Learning to approach a healthy lifestyle early on before becoming morbidly obese can prevent early death and many diseases associated with obesity. 

There is no ‘quick fix’ however and it is a lifetime commitment that must be made in maintaining a proper weight.  While many programs exist that promise instant results, a medical approach to the perfect weight is a method that will lead to a lifetime of success, not just a few months of diminished weight.  In addition, ‘yo-yo’ dieting, where a great loss of weight occurs but then comes back rapidly can be just as unhealthy as being overweight. 

A consultation with Doctor Michael MacDonald at his cardiology practice can set any resident of Singapore on the correct path towards a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight for life.  Medical weight management is proven to be the best approach and Doctor McDonald has perfected the art of successfully managing weight.

About Michael MacDonald Cardiology

Doctor Michael McDonald began his practice in the UK but moved to Singapore in 2015.  He practices heart and vascular surgery at the Harley Street Heart and Vascular Centre located on Orchard Street in Singapore.  His mission is to provide heart specialty services to all Singaporeans and he also is a proponent of managing and maintaining a healthy weight to avoid heart problems. 

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