Oyster Shucker in New York and Oyster Catering Recommended.

Below is an Independent overview of Oyster Shucker by a journalist:

“We happened to be at party and encountered an oyster catering company and I was intrigued by the concept. There were oyster shuckers roaming around the party, talking with guests and shucking raw oysters on the spot. They were wearing leather aprons with a special belt for all the condiments and two buckets, one filled with fresh oysters and one for the empty shells. The oystershuckers were very knowledgeable and had mastered the art of opening oysters. 

Personally I love a good fresh oyster and I hadn’t seen this before so there were probably not a ton of companies in this field. As a journalist I wanted to know more about this niche. Why did they start something like this and which one will be the best oyster catering company. 

I started with an online search and found a number of caterers who will set up a classic raw bar at parties/events/weddings. And here in the Northeast there are a few companies specialized in oyster catering and oyster shucking. Only Red Oyster USA is walking around at the party not doing the classic buffet style. According to the owners this is much more of an experience for the guests and they don’t have to wait in line to get a fresh oyster. Red Oyster even found a word for it “Oystertainment”  

After a detailed search of their websites, reviews, and media publications I interviewed Red Oyster. I found out that they are already in business for over 20 years and they were the first mobile oyster shuckers. The founder of the company is passionate about oysters and was thinking of a way how he could combine his passion for oysters and people.  He created the leather apron with special belt for all the condiments and the buckets and walked around at parties and events. It was an overnight success and many people tried for the first time in their life a raw oyster. “it is so much easier to try a really new thing like eating an oyster, when someone explains what to expect, how to eat it and what the taste would be like” I can’t recall how many people I converted into oyster lovers” according to Matijn, the owner of Red Oyster.  

It was clear that he is very passionate and knowledgeable about oysters. Every question I had about the farming of oysters in Europe and USA and the difference between these, the history of oysters, the species, the selection of which oyster farmers, was answered with so much detail that it became clear to me that he is a professional. But does his staff or Oystertainers as they are called, also know so much? I called both an oyster shucker of Red Oyster in the US and in Europe; maybe not surprisingly, they were both very knowledgeable, love to oystertain their guests, and are professional oystershuckers! 

To conclude, if you run after more than 20 years still a successful business in two continents, you must be a real professional.  And from my own experience, Oystertainment really gives your party an extra sparkle! 
Their contact details are as below:  
Red Oyster® USA 

  • 228 East 45th Street, Suite 9E 

  • New York, NY 10017 

Update: if you need oyster shucker New Jersey or oyster catering in New Jersey, Red Oyster USA also is active in New Jersey under the name: Oyster Shucker Events”.

Their contact details for New Jersey are as below: 
Oyster Shucker Events New Jersey 
55 Tower hill Road,  
Mountain Lakes New Jersey, NJ 07046 
Phone: +1 212 380 11 34 
Website: Oystershucker.events

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Contact Person: Angelique van der Made
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Country: United States
Website: https://red-oyster.com/