TransferDirect – Data Transfer Solution Revolutionizing the Tech Industry

All-inclusive file transfer solution, TransferDirect, helps users of heavy data communicate seamlessly amidst accolades from different quarters.

TransferDirect is already looking like the next big thing in the tech world, especially for individuals and businesses that deal with large files. This user-friendly file transfer solution has literally disrupted the industry in recent times. The new tool has been described as “the most convenient way to send and receive files online,” irrespective of location or time, with reviews already pouring in from different categories of users.

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Data transmission has become increasingly important in recent times. Over the years, several file transfer solutions have emerged, with sending files over the internet remaining one of the easiest and most popular channels. Unfortunately, many of the available online file transfer solutions do not support large files, especially the ones bigger than 20 megabytes. However, the team at Valox Software India Pvt. Ltd. is looking to make a difference with TransferDirect.

TransferDirect is designed, to allow users to move large files to their desired location fast and with relative ease, helping to avoid issues surrounding bouncing emails or time lost on FTP connections. The solution also ensures data security and privacy of users, as it does not require uploading files to the cloud or to any server, which could potentially lead to the risk of data loss or theft.

Another amazing feature of TransferDirect, especially when compared with cloud-based storage is the effective transmission of data as file transfers are paused in case of a power outage or connection downtime as opposed to being restarted, which ultimately consumes more data. TransferDirect also offers a relatively affordable file sharing and transfer solution, with users getting free data transfers of up to 1 GB every month, a feat that remains unmatched in the industry.

TransferDirect is compatible with a plethora of file types and is particularly suitable for users of huge media files, CAD drawings, video files, or reports with a lot of graphics to coworkers or friends, with an easy-to-navigate interface and fast data transfer.

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