SPDConcepts set to conduct its 17th car and cash giveaway with last day for entry set to July 25th

SPDConcepts set to conduct its 17th car and cash giveaway with last day for entry set to July 25th

SPDConcepts is set to start their 17th car and cash giveaway with a BMW M4 550hp and $10,000 cash. To enter this giveaway, customers are required to purchase at least an item. The last day to enter this giveaway is July 25th, 2021.

SPDConcepts has concluded 16 different car giveaways over the past few years featuring Subaru, Toyota, and BMW sedan cars. This dream car giveaway is the BMW M4 550hp and a $10k cash giveaway to the winner.

A company executive, Steven Lee, explained: “For Every $1 Spent, a customer will get 10 – 100 Automatic Entries into our current cash and Car Giveaway. For Example, if you purchase a $10 item, you will receive 100-1000 entries. Entries are automatically tracked, and customers can check how many entries they have! To check your entries, simply visiting My Account and clicking ‘View My Entries.’ However, you must have an account to view entries.”

To choose a winner, once the current car giveaway comes to an end, SPDConcepts sends all entries to its federally compliant and regulated sweepstakes company that will conduct the randomized drawing. They will then enter all the entries received and conduct the drawing on a sophisticated computer randomizer. This process takes about 5-6 business days. Once the winner is randomly drawn, they will be contacted either by phone or email. So keep a lookout for that notification when the giveaway ended!

For their #16 Car Giveaway, the company gave out a 2015 BMW M6 and was won by Joshua Wilson from Decatur, GA. While Bryce Abrams from Boca Raton, FL won the company’s #15 Car Giveaway, a 2016 Subaru CS WRX.

For their #14 Car Giveaway, SPDConcepts gave out a 2015 BMW M4 and was won by Dean Grgas from Rye, NY. SPDconcepts’ dream car giveaways aren’t exclusively to anyone nor for men. A woman, Sadalia Marie Ross from St. Francis, WI, won their #12 Car Giveaway, a 2018 BMW M3.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/f80pb1-yqkw

SPDConcepts has many selections where car enthusiasts can purchase awesome products, including stickers, apparel, headwear, accessories, mystery boxes, and car parts.

About the company:

SPDConcepts is a team of car enthusiasts that love CARS. ”We talk, think, and even dream about cars. We are so passionate about cars that we decided to share them with car enthusiasts! We are dedicated to making one fortunate person’s dream come true! We share this opportunity with anyone willing to make their dream happen. We strive towards providing awesome products that you absolutely can’t find anywhere else”, said Steven.

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