Dr. Randa, a Nutrition Health Care Coach and Gut Health Expert becomes an Inspiration for all the Doctors and Patients Out There

Dr. Randa has two decades of experience in health care, is a celiac diseases survivor and has currently extended all the efforts to improve lives of others!

Dr. Randa is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Gut Health Expert, who is dedicated to helping women lose weight, keep it off without any deprivation only by healing their inside so they can have food freedom and live an extraordinary life. Allowing them to transform their energy levels, deepen their confidence within their body and live their best life now.

Dr. Randa Hamidi Sakr Kaskas started the journey as a MD Dentist for 20 years working in the self-established private clinic, treating oral health issues, and delivering cosmetic results to the patients. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease 6 years ago, Dr. Randa felt frustrated, unable to find support or guidance in the health care system. Solely through personal efforts, Randa was able to heal the gut, manage celiac and is now a celiac survivor. This events opened Dr. Randa’s eyes to a whole new industry that needed these expertise. This led the Dr. to dedicate this phase of life to helping women who are suffering with celiac disease and gut imbalances that affect their daily life, totally transform the way they feel, look, and live.

The power lady is the Founder of Randa’s Health Coaching, and offers 1:1 Health Coaching to help women who are struggling with hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, and weight management issues. Randa teaches the women in the Gut Health Coaching practice how to heal their gut for overall health, so they can have powerful energy again and live the life they desire while knowing how to manage their auto immune disease and eat according to their specific body and symptoms. Guiding them to achieve a deep sense of inner confidence, create and maintain high levels of energy to live their best life, while eliminating bloating, diarrhea, and constipation, so they can return to living their best life without letting their disease control them.

Randa Kaskas became a certified MD Dentist on June 1992 from the University of France Lille 2. Later Dr. Rabda worked in collaboration with a Dentist in France before opening and practicing in self-established private clinic in 1995 and has served thousands of patients. As a practicing certified dental surgeon, Dr. Randa also has taken extra courses in cosmetic dentistry such as Veneers and Bleaching to update and expand knowledge in Dentistry. Dr. Randa still practices dentistry on a smaller scale, while following passion and focuses mainly on Gut Health Coaching in this phase of life. It has quickly become Dr. Randa’s mission to bring change and lasting life transformation to women with gut imbalances and issues.

After being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007, and feeling a deep burden after seeing the health care expert and receiving no answers or guidance to help Dr. Randa recover. The Dr. decided to follow the heart and heal the disease through experimentation with certain foods and figuring out the ins and outs of diagnosis, based on listening to the reaction the body was having and making the changes accordingly. Something health providers failed to coach through for celiac disease and gut issues. Randa has also dedicated hundreds of hours to long term investigation and research in medical books and articles to revisit the resources that doctors and health professionals refer to.

Randa has since become a Certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in January 2020, but continues to grow the knowledge and expertise with certifications and courses, while making lasting changes working with clients. Recent certifications include: a Gut Health Certification in September 2020, a Nutritional Intervention for Gastrointestinal Disorders Certification in October 2020, an Eating Disorders and Vegetarian Diets certification in October 2020, a ‘Feeling The Exerciser Gymmers To Athletes’ certification  in October 2020, a Functional & Integrative Medicine in Nutrition Therapy Certification in November 2020 and lastly, at the time of writing this, participation in the The Gut Practitioner Program ran by Dr. Heather Finley.

Randa is a powerful and life changing Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to work with and has exceptional expertise in healing the gut. The power doctor has helped dozens of women in such little time to feel better in their bodies, start to see small changes to creating lasting life changes while instantly feeling better in their skin. By focusing on what doctors and dieticians don’t do, Randa uses compassion and hands on understanding and expertise in providing an intimate 1:1 Health Coaching relationship offering world class care, guidance and knowledge to heal their symptoms from the inside and outside.

It is Dr. Rand’s powerful transformation and becoming a celiac survivor, and ability to help clients create lasting changes in their lives that Dr. Randa is not an ordinary Health Coach who gives the client a specific meal plan that is copy and pasted to all the clients only adjusting quantities. Randa’s strategy is tailored according to each client’s own unique body, symptoms, health goals and diagnosis. Randa makes one aware of the importance of having healthy gut, and how this may affect many other areas of the body such as skin issues like Rosacea, the ability to lose weight and keep it off without yo-yo dieting, bloating, fatigue, constant constipation or diarrhea, and so much more. 

Dr. Randa prides herself on the ability to create a safe space for all clients, so they can talk openly and share things that they struggle to open up to with, learn about client’s specific goals and what really this means to them beyond the scale. Transformation begins the second they start speaking with Randa, as they quickly feel the doctor has caring and compassionate nature, as well as witnessing all the wisdom in coaching hands on, offering world class care and expertise to transform their lives. Randa offers a breath of fresh air in the Health Coaching space, instant motivation to the clients who feel empowered to do the work needed to make a lasting change. Randa provides the support and accountability that makes them accomplish the results they desire by teaching them how to heal their gut for overall health so they can have powerful energy again and live the life they desire while knowing how to manage their autoimmune disease and eat according to their specific body and symptoms.

Randa hosts a Signature Group program called “DROP A SIZE BY FEEDING YOUR GUT WISELY,” multiple times a year for women who want to experience a transformation before going all in on 1:1 Health Coaching with her. More information is available inside Dr Randa’s Free Private Group: (link is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healthyguthealthyyouwithranda/). Inside DROP A SIZE BY FEEDING YOUR GUT WISELY, clients transformation’s include significant and lasting improvement of sleep, stress levels, getting rid of constipation, acid reflux, celiac disease control and so much more!

Randa is known for the Moto: Gut Health is the Key to Overall Health! And of course the success story, as well as the clients who prove how true that is!

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