Linden Millwood, CEO of Global Reach Holdings Helps Companies and Organizations Improve Effectiveness and Resilience by Integrating the Human First Principle™

Linden Millwood, the CEO of Global Reach Holdings, pastor, serial entrepreneur and speaker is committed to helping companies and organizations become sustainable by integrating the Human First Principle™!

Georgia, Atlanta, USA – In the recent past, companies and big corporations have transitioned from just focusing on results to building their human capital. No matter what niche they operate in and what products and services they provide, prioritizing people in all they do is the first step towards long term success and gaining a competitive advantage. Linden Millwood, the CEO of Global Reach Holdings, serial entrepreneur, speaker and pastor is committed to building sustainable organizations by integrating the Human First Principle™. Linden takes pride in establishing Global Reach Holdings to assist companies and organizations in operating innovatively without undue constraint through strategic management and responsibly allocating resources. 

Global Reach Holdings has been working relentlessly for over a decade helping small businesses pursue their market regardless of the unpredictable economic conditions. The firm believes in encouraging and promoting different perspectives that are crucial to long term success. Global Reach helps firms and organizations establish sound foundation through exceptional consulting, strategic planning and advisory services that enable these firms to stay relevant and competent in this highly evolving and fast-paced world. 

Linden Millwood has established Piahrose as a platform to help individuals with the career marketing process, promote career sustainability and work-life integration. The full-service career marketing firm enables clients to set the standards for human capital management and strategic career marketing. The company also offers excellent career branding for mid-level professionals as well as executives. The career professionals at Piahrose ensure that its client always remains in demand amidst the rapidly changing world by delivering unique solutions that maximized the potential of their future work in both tech and non-tech careers. The firm understands the importance of prioritizing career instead of jobs and hence, directs all efforts in helping employees work on sustainable careers through the career marketing process. 

“Our career experts take an unconventional approach to creating, managing, and communicating a strong career brand, putting first things first – you.”

The LIM Leadership Academy is an extension of Linden Millwood’s efforts to bring an elevated perspective to organizations, individuals and businesses. The academy introduces clients to a customizable collection of ground-breaking principles and thought leadership that challenges today’s leaders to think, strategize, collaborate and innovate. Through the Human First Principle™, Linden is committed to creating people-centric relationships and promoting sustainable businesses and organizations. 

About the Company: is a forward-facing and public outreach platform that oversees the companies under the purview of Global Reach Holdings. The firm through its subsidiaries, Afimi Consulting and Piahrose, offers an array of services to the marketplace with the core focus on prioritizing people in all they do and produce.

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