Entrepreneur Jean Criss Gets Invited to La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival

New partnerships and opportunities fulfilling Jean Criss’ passion in film and fashion.

There would be countless trials and tribulations that could happen in a person’s lifetime. Sometimes, they are so harsh that recovering from them might not ever happen. It takes time to understand how one’s life can transform lives. What’s important is that the glimmer of hope to keep moving forward remains. The miracle of finding life’s purpose from sorrow and tragedy can bring out your inner thoughts and creativity. Jean Criss found inspiration and joy with her second act in life.

Jean Criss lost her first husband at a very young age from a tragic automobile accident. She then remarried years later, and while raising two young children she battled breast cancer and filed for divorce. She juggled family life and a high-paced, successful business career in media and tech simultaneously. She became a strong survivor as a result of her personal experiences. The dreamer in her kept alive as she persevered to discover her personal journey and aspiration to self-teach became motivational. During this time, she learned about breast cancer awareness, the fashion industry, and being an innovator and an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Today, she stands as the Founder & Designer of a post-surgical intimate apparel company, which was established to rock the world with contemporary apparel for breast cancer survivors like herself, and now, also supports people with disabilities in the adaptive fashion marketplace. Jean also founded Jean Criss Media, a creative digital media services agency, established to support clientele in TV, print, online advertising, and full-scale video and event productions. She is an avid communications member of NYWIFT in New York.

What’s thrilling is that Jean was recently invited to the 12th Annual La Jolla International Fashion Film Awards™ Festival with all of her successful efforts as a media entrepreneur, fashion designer, writer, innovator, and woman-owned business leader. She certainly wears many hats and keeps SMART goals to continuously grow and help many people.

The LJIFFF is the first international fashion film festival founded in North America, considered to be the Cannes of the fashion film world where it will hold the largest gathering of fashion filmmakers. Jean is more than elated to be invited to this prestigious event as she seeks new opportunities, partnerships, and investors in fashion and film. La Jolla is the perfect place for this objective as it will be a market maker for distribution deals, director representation, and fashion film production houses.

As a true collaborator across multi-industries, Jean loves working on both sides of the fence in film and fashion as her passion. Her exclusive invitation to the Red Carpet is just one example of her dedication to these industries. There’s a lot more to look forward to once La Jolla finishes because new collaborations will definitely bloom. View her works in fashion, media, as an author and writer on Facebook, InstaGram, Twitter, LinkedIN and the web among other social sites.

You can contact Jean for further information about her products and services at info@jeancrissmedia.com or JeanCrissMedia.com.

About Jean Criss

Jean Criss is an entrepreneur and business owner in intimate apparel and creative media, and an author of the Trilogy Series: “My Pain Woke Me Up-BLISS!,” “Legal Injustice,” and “LIVE Your Dreams.” She is also a columnist, contributing writer, and blogger who shares her inspiring life story to help others. She is currently seeking new licensing and distribution partnerships and investors for her brands.

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