Totally Products Helps Businesses Create Winning Brands with Unmatched Private Labelling Expertise

Totally Products Helps Businesses Create Winning Brands with Unmatched Private Labelling Expertise
Totally Products are experts in brand building and private labelling and help businesses create new, profitable brands effortlessly

Totally Products, the private label manufacturing experts based in Florida, is offering a range of private label services that can help supplement and wellness product manufacturers create powerful new brands. With over 12 years of experience in private labeling, Totally Products has emerged as the go-to resource for new product manufacturers looking to scale up their brand presence.

“We have emerged as one of the most reliable resources when it comes to private label manufacturing,” says the CEO at Totally Products, Daniel Rosenfield. “Our GMP-certified brand has custom formulas and custom labeling solutions that can work wonders for all types of supplements and vitamins. With our kind of industry experience, we are now the unrivaled industry experts in white label/private label and have the capability to make your brand a winner.”

Private label manufacturing is a process that allows businesses to purchase products through a manufacturer with their label on them. The private label team at Totally Products then creates and builds value for the brands using their unique approaches and processes.

Totally Products can in most cases create any custom supplement formula at the request of small business owners and or large-scale wholesale buyers and vendors. The company logo of the interested party and their brand is placed on the product itself. 

According to the CEO, Daniel Rosenfield, their team can create and build best-selling formulas and back them up with their top-tier customer service.  

“As we sell all over the world, our team can work with your company to make sure our process and strategy are exactly what you’re looking for,” the CEO points out. “With over 12 years of experience in the industry, there’s no other white label platform you should trust.”

The private label/white label services offered by Totally Products include Private Label Design and Private Label Printing. 

For private label designing, their graphic designer redesigns product labels for different bottle shapes or products. The White Label team ensures consistency throughout the brand’s designs, ensuring that the company is able to offer fluidity for the consumer.

The White Label team at Totally Products not only designs different types of labels for clients’ brands but also ensures that the labels are printed for their company as well. They also provide label printing for products to make sure they look exactly what the clients have in mind.

A large percentage of their revenue comes from their ever-increasing repeat customers. This has helped the company make impressive gains in terms of reputation and revenue over the past decade. All their products are GMP-certified. 

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About Totally Products:

Totally Products is a Florida-based vitamin and supplement company founded by CEO Daniel Rosenfield. From a single weight-loss supplement in 2009, the company now has an impressive catalog of over 200 products. Totally Products entered into B2B sales on in 2015 and has an impressive stint on this platform. 30-35 percent of the company’s sales come from international markets. 

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