Brentwood Counseling Provides Group Counseling Service for Jeff Grossman Counseling in Brentwood TN

Brentwood, TN – Jeff Grossman Counseling today announced the business is creating a new counseling service for its clients in Brentwood TN. As a counselor, Jeff Grossman Counseling will provide group counseling services. The company will focus on helping individuals in groups who are struggling with different types of needs.

The underlying issues for nearly all psychological symptoms and relational dissatisfaction stems from an individual’s ability to relate and communicate with others. Group therapy is an accessible and affordable mechanism through which a client can explore what their emotional needs are and practice having them met by other group members.  A facilitated interpersonal therapy group will typically have between 7-10 other group members as well as guidelines to encourage interaction.  Such an environment has a way of creating a microcosm, or ‘practice field’ environment, where the very relational issues a client struggles with in their everyday life will begin to appear inside the context of the group.  The parallel experience or microcosm effect might seem negligible, but I can testify personally and professionally that it is a profound catalyst for change.

The main therapeutic agent of change in group therapy is universality.  A majority of clients enter therapy believing the counselee is unique in the hurt and pain.  The therapeutic gain in the simple realization that there is someone else who shares a struggle or who understands what the counselee is going through cannot be understated.  

Frequently, the very characteristics which help make one successful in life (i.e. ability to make money, focus on achievement, determination and self-reliance) are the very same characteristics that present challenges in meaningful relationships.  The work in group therapy often holds much more nuance and art than simply fixing something that is broken.  Perhaps a client has a quick wit.  While this may benefit them in a work environment, it may cause harm in a personal or intimate relationship.  The quick wit often doesn’t need to be extricated completely, instead its applicability needs to be refined and analyzed.  In group therapy, group members can stand in for the significant other and offer feedback of how this wit impacts relatability, creates closeness or distance, and if they believe the individual is understanding and listening to them.  And so, within the context of the group, there are multiple sets of eyes actively watching to help this individual hone, nuance, and artistically learn how to stay true to their personality while maintaining, even increasing, emotional intimacy in the group, which will translate into increased emotional availability and intimacy in the actual life of the individual. 

Jeff Grossman Counseling will be available Monday-Saturday for all of your counseling needs.

About Jeff Grossman Counseling: 

Jeff Grossman Counseling was started by Jeff Grossman. Jeff has been people for years with their counseling needs. He has extensive knowledge in individual, marriage and group counseling.

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