Finding The Next Book Is Now a Thing of The Past As MORAI Launches AI Model That Changes The Narrative

While there are so many books out there competing for readers’ attention, Readow, the new AI model from MORAI, has been created to recommend books to users based on their preferences

Choosing a good book from a local bookstore or conventional online retailer can be challenging. Everyone wants a book they’ll enjoy, and with so many books to choose from, it can be hard to pick the one that’s right and seemingly perfect. To this end, Poland-based R & D Center, MORAI, has developed an AI model service to help users find the next book for them to read.

The AI model is called Readow. It allows users to input the title(s) of the book(s) they’ve read and based on the AI’s database which holds information on the preferences of other people who liked the same title, it recommends by guessing what other books users may like. The idea to create an AI-based solution for readers was born out of the experience of Marek Klimek, the R&D Manager at MORAI, when he decided to read 50 books in a year and discovered that it was not easy to find a tool that would help him select titles.

“Our goal was to create an AI model that helps users find the most relevant books rather than sell them. We focus on data about what readers read and how they rate books so that recommendations are of high quality,” said Marek Klimek. “Together with our team, we collected data and built a model on it which aims to give recommendations based on the opinions of real readers. Our goal is to give users access to unbiased recommendations and thus increase the popularity of reading books,” he added.

Readow focuses on analyzing data about what people are reading and whether they like the books. On this basis, the model can give high-quality recommendations to users. Other recommendation systems used in online stores are not as technologically advanced, and they focus on what the customer puts in the shopping cart or buy. They do not take into consideration whether they liked the book.

“Recommendation systems are currently some of the most interesting applications of AI models. We see a great development in this area which is positively received by customers,” said Jacek Klimek, Founder of MORAI. Readow is a perfect solution for bookworms and people who read a lot and are always looking for more books.

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