How a 26 Year Old Daniel Ang Impacts Thousands of Lives Through a Successful Financial Education Company

How a 26 Year Old Daniel Ang Impacts Thousands of Lives Through a Successful Financial Education Company

“True wealth is having a healthy mind, body and spirit.”

Daniel Ang, a 26 years old Johor Bahru native, is the founder of SmallCapGuy Institute which is a startup company that is currently thriving despite the devastating effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. His primary role is to coach students and conduct classes on how to safely put your money in the U.S. stock market by using options investing strategy without having the conception of gambling.

It wasn’t simple for him to get to where he is now as an options investing coach, lifestyle entrepreneur, and an educational speaker. Daniel, an introvert, preferred to spend his time in front of the computer, but he had to get out of his shell to deliver motivational speeches and teach classes in front of a large group of pupils. The first class he ever taught had only four middle-aged men in it. Because of his age and appearance, many people find it unbelievable and distrust his ability to predict whether or not this would work out.

Never, Ever Give Up

Daniel, on the other hand, persisted in his efforts. He didn’t want to fall prey to the rat race. Regardless of market conditions, he was generating a secure and long-term cash flow. As someone who began with little, he understands how difficult it was to make his own money without relying on his family for financial help. He desires to eliminate the root of all evil – money. As a result, he chose to share his expertise of how to achieve financial freedom with others from all walks of life.

Daniel mentions his vision, “Imparting the knowledge of investing beyond one generation”. 

He analyzed the fundamentals of options strategies and created a theory called the MERN process. This process taught students that they too could make it work on their own, based on their own choices and actions without depending on financial consultants and paying them a hefty amount of money for an extended period of time.

When the pandemic hit, he could not conduct classes as usual and decided to shift everything online. Every month on a weekend, he taught Mandarin and English sessions. Many people trusted him over time since he had proven outcomes from many of his students who benefitted a monthly cash flow by investing in options.

“Thanks to Daniel, my investment had grown more than 100% in less than 5 months.” said a particular homemaker. Another student said, “Mind blowing knowledge to be exact.”

Making the World a Better Place

Daniel’s biggest intake is that when you give, you will receive multiple times in various forms. He launched charities and supplied essentials to children, the elderly and the disabled. There is a certain rule in his company where they should reduce the amount of plastic waste, so employees are not allowed to pack their food with the presence of plastic. Bring your own container and utensils or be penalized by donating RM1 each time. The money raised would be donated to a good cause.

In the end, it is not about making more money but finding a meaningful purpose to give back to society.

Expansion of the Company

SmallCapGuy Institute had grown even further by the middle of 2021, and the workload had increased. Daniel sought energetic people who shared his vision to join his company and help him achieve incredible outcomes. He advertised open positions, and many people applied because of the company’s unique ideals and culture.

The company is focused on resolving issues within the human race of having ‘insufficient money’. They rather work towards the future with a greater purpose. Employees are given the freedom to act and think like entrepreneurs. They would be more than willing to support those who wish to learn and eventually open up their very own business.

Knowledge is Power

Daniel is constantly learning in order to better himself and his students. He is always able to supply new facts or expertise to everyone. Even his former students would return to join his current classes. 

Interestingly, he favours physical activities as well. He would workout with his fellow coworkers at the start of each week. 

“True wealth is having a healthy mind, body and spirit,” says Daniel.

Managing Setbacks

With a growing firm, he thinks there will inevitably be more difficulties to tackle, but he is prepared for them. He learned that each difficulty that arose should be resolved right away in order to avoid future complications. “If you can think in the long run and broaden up your perspective, you should be able to make a decision wisely.” Daniel shared about his experience when he faced setbacks during the pandemic.

Daniel also wrote a book called Optimize Your Wealth Engine, which offers advice on how to handle your personal finances before diving into the realm of investment.

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