Bitdogex Upgrades Its Security System To Create A New Generation Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Singapore – Recently, the world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange Bitdogex has upgraded the security core of its entire web platform, from web to app, to ensure “bank-grade” security for global user transactions.

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Bitdogex is headquartered in the Asian financial center of Singapore and is the world’s leading new-generation cryptocurrency exchange. It is issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the FinCEN Financial Crime Enforcement Bureau (MSB) of the United States and the Canadian FINTRAC Monetary Authority (MSB).

As a world-renowned leader in the blockchain industry, its digital asset trading platform is one of the service providers with a large number of global compliance licenses, and has offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, America and the Middle East or top financial institutions from all over the world expert. Bitdogex has the world’s top security risk control system. Technical talents are gathered in the headquarters, and the total number of employees worldwide exceeds 1,000.

Bitdogex is committed to establishing a global ecological layout, with blockchain basic services as the core, and establishing a blockchain industry ecosystem integrating technology research and development, digital asset research, free capital investment, and information. The servers all adopt a professional distributed architecture and anti-DDOS attack system. Real-time trading technology at the microsecond level is implemented in the transaction. The order processing speed of the trading system reaches one million orders per second, which is hundreds of times faster than most competitive products. It supports more than 100 million simultaneous online users.

The platform mainly provides multiple derivatives trading objects such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, EOS, etc., and provides legal currency over-the-counter transactions and currency-to-currency transactions. It uses a variety of types such as a brand-new and original full-warehouse trading system.

Bitdogex always adheres to the principle of user first, adhering to the service concept of fairness, openness and justice, and provides investors with a comprehensive service system. Bitdogex believes in the core ideas of Bitcoin and blockchain, and believes that distributed ledger and smart contract technology will build the foundation of human trust, eliminate transaction barriers, improve transaction efficiency, and have a significant impact on the real economy of mankind. Therefore, Bitdogex gave up many choices and devoted itself to the wave of the blockchain revolution wholeheartedly, hoping that something can be done for the world.

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