Laredo Nuevo by DaVon & Greene: One of the Best Thriller Books launched in 2021

Author DaVon & Greene recently released his gripping debut thriller, Laredo Nuevo: The Twin Cities Rise Of Acosta. Instead of a classic tale of right and wrong, Laredo Nuevo delves into the murky underworld of narcotrafficking and the men who will go to any length to stay on top of the illicit industries fueling their rise.

Laredo Nuevo follows the life of Ernesto Acosta, the legendary sicario who helped build the Los Zenetas cartel into an unrivaled power. After a lifetime of violence and cutting down any who dare oppose the cartel, Acosta’s loyalty begins to falter for the first time. When his boss, Victor “Casper” Guzman, plunges Los Zenetas into a brutal war, Acosta narrowly escapes with his life and soon learns that Guzman may have been responsible for murdering his father.

Acosta’s revelation solidifies his resolve to break from Guzman and dismantle Los Zenetas before they can continue to poison the nation. Starting with the murder of Felix “Tiny” Reyes, head of the Tijuana drug cartel, and Cesar Castro, head of the Gulf cartel, Acosta exacts his revenge. As he searches for the truth, Acosta hovers between two worlds, caught between Guzman, the DEA, the Mexican government, and the lingering question of where his future might yet lead.

Although fictional, DaVon & Greene draws upon the real-life proliferation of the Mexican drug trade and the impact of criminal enterprises like the American mob to add a realistic flavor to his work. Adult fans of Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne will appreciate the twisty plots, political undertones, and fast pace of Laredo Nuevo. Those who relate to the morally gray characters of movies like Pulp Fiction and The Godfather will enjoy Greene’s complicated starring sicario.

Reviewers applaud DaVon & Greene’s ability to craft relatable characters without sacrificing on action, drama, and intrigue. Describing Ernesto Acosta as “a bad guy you find yourself rooting for,” readers are also anxiously awaiting the planned sequels.

Laredo Nuevo: The Twin Cities Rise of Acosta is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

DaVon & Greene believes in the power of people and uplifting one another to reach new heights. He grew up in a creative household, the son of author and composer Joseph Greene (Together Brothers“Across the Alley from the Alamo”) and Marthella Wilson Greene, the trailblazing Chairman of the Board at Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union. After finding his calling in writing, Greene credits his wife and editorial team for helping him finish his debut novel. He can be found online through his publisher, The JW Perkins Group.

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