Vino Hue Introduces Wine Wipes Developed for a Purpose

These 100% natural red wine stain removal wet wipes are changing the oral health game of wine drinkers.

There is no doubt that red wine will always be a classic, fan favorite drink. Whether it is for a celebratory night out with the girls, date night with a significant other, or simply for rest and relaxation at home, having a glass of good red wine can instantly set the mood. However, wine drinkers know for a fact that red wine can leave noticeable stains on the teeth and lips. Fortunately, wine wipes exist. And they are actually very effective when it comes to removing unwanted wine stains and improving a person’s oral health.

Made with 100% natural materials, the Vino Hue wine wipes effectively remove red wine stains, acids, and residual sugars and clean the teeth, mouth, lips, and tongue. With the help of these natural teeth whitening red wine stain removing wipes, wine lovers would not have to worry about smiling and having those unwanted red wine stains.

Apart from being truly natural, The Vino Hue wine wipes are also free from chemicals and paraben, plant-based, enamel friendly, and 100% biodegradable. This means it is gentle on or in all areas of the mouth and protects the teeth against decay.

According to the team behind Vino Hue, its wine wipes are “inspired by nature, while adding enjoyment of drinking wine with friends.” Vino Hue is a firm believer of supporting people’s passion for wine exploration and taste, without having to compromise oral health and beautiful smiles.

By offering uncomplicated oral health products that are designed to live alongside people, their wine, and the environment, Vino Hue adds to the enjoyment of wine drinking with zero worries. After all, Vino Hue is all about confidence, oral health, and all things wine.

Every pack of these wine wipes is made to be used only once and then disposed of. In terms of disposal, since the wipes are biodegradable, it can be flushed down the toilet after use or put into the compost. However, do take note that the sachet is not biodegradable, so make sure to properly dispose of it.

At present, the Vino Hue red wine stain removal wet wipes can be availed in a box of seven individually wrapped wipes or 30 individually wrapped wipes. It also comes in sample packs, which contain two individually wrapped wipes.

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Vino Hue is an Australian company that offers truly natural, paraben-free red wine stain removal wet wipes for wine lovers.

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