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Henry So shares his inspiring story as a Champion Athlete who can guide those who intend to follow his footsteps as a passionate tennis player.

Deciding to be an athlete takes much grit, discipline, and perseverance. It can be said that it is one of the most daunting professions not only because its overall landscape is unpredictable but because it heavily involves one’s holistic well-being. Those who have pursued it are certainly brave individuals and Henry So is one of them.

At an early age, Henry began his tennis journey by training with his father who is his number one supporter. He’s the one who has coached him with the strong belief that tennis is a great sport that can hone his character. More than the skills and physical benefits it can bring to Henry, it has contributed to developing his attitude that would be his asset no matter how much time will pass.

Today, Henry is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who carries an open mind and a range of skill sets. He has gone a long way before being where he is right now. He wears many hats such as being an educator/mentor of coaches, a motivational speaker, and an author of numerous book series after retiring as a world-ranked tennis professional athlete. His track record is incredibly impressive as his life is completely tied to tennis, which has strengthened his values and principles.

In his junior year, he was the No.1 ranked junior (U/18 age group) in New South Wales State Shell Super Series and subsequently received a full scholarship to the University of Central Oklahoma to compete in NCAA collegiate tennis circuit. People have seen his undeniable talent in the sport as he was growing up. He didn’t stop improving like any other dedicated athlete, ultimately becoming the No.1 player from Hong Kong in the ATP rankings. He has also represented his country in the Davis Cup. Unfortunately, he had to retire from professional competition due to a lack of funding.

This event did not dishearten him to continue being a passionate individual, carrying with him all the mindsets and good memories tennis has given him. He ultimately pursued his passion for helping others to become the best version of themselves. Thus, he devotes his energy nowadays towards becoming the best tennis coach he can be. Henry is now an international educator and mentor of tennis coaches on behalf of the ATPCA Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association. His unique training system STM® Shadow Tennis Movement Training has helped many tennis players and coaches globally improve their technique and take their skills to the next level.

At present, he serves as the Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Psychology – Sports Psychology Development Division – with the mission to help spread the message of a positive mindset to the community through sports. He continuously strives to empower other athletes by learning through the stories of Champion Athletes who took control of their destiny, achieved their goals, and represented their country in their respective sporting fields. Anyone can contact them via The Champions Mindset Productions website at The company also has website called Champs Kingdom® dedicated to train kids. Interested individuals may also follow Henry So via his LinkedIn Profile and YouTube Channel.

Like what Henry experienced with his father, other athletes can be more motivated in achieving their goals with a positive community that would be always rooting for them. Contact them now, and be inspired.

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Henry So is a world-ranked former tennis professional athlete, an educator/mentor of coaches, a motivational speaker, and an author of numerous book series. The Champions Mindset Productions is a platform for athletes to consult with Champions like Henry to serve as their guide to success through their system of training.

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