Synergism Empowers Entrepreneurs to Live with Purpose and Create a Positive Impact

This coaching company encourages businesses to use intuition to open up opportunities.

Intuition is probably the most overlooked among the many powerful tools humans have. Sometimes referred to as “gut feeling,” intuition is not taken seriously since it is not fact-based. A recent study published in the journal Psychological Science said that people can use their intuition to make faster and more confident decisions. The study’s experiments also found that people can train themselves to use their intuition, and over time can get better at it.

Knowing how powerful intuition is, Synergism encourages entrepreneurs to utilize this powerful human tool in creating more opportunities that can help their businesses grow. Synergism offers courses and workshops to expand perception, using intuition to think outside of the box, and discover genius ways to design, develop, and grow businesses in a new way. Its offerings are most especially for those in the consciousness, healing, wellbeing, and spiritual development niches.

While marketing usually uses unconscious manipulation to convince people, Synergism helps entrepreneurs develop marketing not based on manipulation but rather on living experience of the solution. “Most marketing strategies are manipulations designed to make people feel fear, shame, lack, and loss. The solution to their pain is linked to the product being sold. However, the more conscious an audience is and the more aware they are of themselves, the less that kind of marketing works,” shared a Synergism representative.

According to Synergism, people nowadays do not just want the solution presented to them; they want to get involved in the solution. The company representative added, “The consciousness crowd wants to have an experience of the solution. They want to feel it at work in their lives.”

Thus, Synergism’s courses are designed around discovering, embodying, and living one’s true nature and purpose. Once the true purpose is recognized, Synergism guides its audience as they pivot towards their new path. “This means that serving this audience needs a very different approach to succeed,” said the company representative. That is why Synergism believes that by taking advantage of their superconscious intuition, entrepreneurs can make sound decisions that can change their lives and allow them to serve their purpose.

Currently, Synergism offers a free intuitive entrepreneurship workshop. This intuition for business workshop aims to teach entrepreneurs a business design that can drive clients to continuously support their businesses, factors that can make a business fail, and tips that can turn a client into an influencer for their ideal audience.

About Synergism

Synergism offers courses, workshops and coaching to expand perception, engage intuition and help entrepreneurs design, start and grow conscious businesses that create a positive impact in society.

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