Orange County’s Most Empowered Woman of 2021: Meghan Amaral

Orange County’s Most Empowered Woman of 2021: Meghan Amaral
Southern California’s “it girl”, M Media CEO Meghan Amaral. Bold public figure, business entrepreneur, creative artist, media visionary, visual storyteller, infuriated feminist, vocal activist, empathic spiritualist.

Meghan Amaral, SCOTUS – Airing live at Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Funeral M Media Advertising Agency’s CEO, Executive Director and Editor in Chief; a woman of many hats. Ms. Amaral is notorious for her efforts in supporting women owned businesses and corporations, she adamantly argues, “women will lead the future”. The fiery feminist CEO reportedly terminated prior contracts with the opposite gender in 2019 and since has branded M Media Advertising Agency as a proud supporter of women in business. Meghan Amaral is vocal in her support towards the LGBTQ+ community, while active in her efforts to advocate for international women’s rights.

It has been reported through professional sources, Meghan Amaral manages to bring The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation into the topic of conversation frequently. Film industry colleagues have relayed, “When anyone is interested in Meghan and asks for her phone number she directs them to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation to make a donation instead”. Sources are unable to confirm Ms. Amaral’s relationship status, while it appears she is happily unmarried.

Meghan Amaral and Dr. Lisa Parissi

According to M Media Advertising Agency’s social media announcements; Amaral was last seen on June 25 2021 with Dr. Lisa Parissi at Wellness Choice in Newport Beach, CA. In April 2021; Amaral was seen with Parissi at ARTime Barro in Laguna Beach, CA for a private pottery class. Found on Ms. Amaral’s online pages, the creative entrepreneur actively enjoys the arts. Amaral has shared her private collection of self created paintings and sculptures with her social media following. On July 1 2021, M Media announced a new client relationship with Intuitive Medium Susan Grau located in Tustin, CA. Meghan Amaral has since revealed their working relationship in a Los Angeles County interview, “Susan has been a blessing in my life, she is the most beautiful healer I know”. The blazing public relations manager has created a buzz in the internal advertising and film community about Amaral’s client projects and promising affairs.

Meghan Amaral and Intuitive Medium Susan Grau

Amaral leads a private life outside of M Media, her Instagram [meghanthegreat] remains inactive since April 2020. Meghan Amaral has since been spotted sharing her spiritual beliefs on a new TikTok account [meghan.thegreat]. While the media expert is branded an artist in her craft of visual storytelling and marketing the majors, Meghan Amaral evidently leads a metaphysical private life but has yet to discuss her spiritual beliefs beyond the existing [meghan.thegreat] TikTok personal page.

The feminist CEO is admired in the community as a voice for women in business. Meghan Amaral has been a prominent public figure advocating for minorities. Personal sources disclose, “When Meghan [Amaral] gets an idea in her head, there’s no point in talking her out of it. If you want something done, she’s the one to ask. Her determination is admirable but what makes Meghan stand out is that she is a class act. She has never burned a bridge in business and carries herself with elegance and empathy towards others”.

The Only Hero in D.C. – An original M Media Documentary

The M Media CEO is continuing to make an impact in the industry and a strong leading role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and young women across the country. Meghan Amaral disclosed to Los Angeles city officials, M Media’s team is resuming all international affairs beginning of October 2021. Southern California will be holding a higher priority in August 2021 as a result of a temporary halt to M Media’s projects due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears M Media’s growth is unstoppable for the coming months ahead.

Meghan Amaral – United States Government Official Member of the Press – Presidential Inauguration 2021

Meghan Amaral is notorious for her art of visual storytelling behind the scenes. Amaral is widely recognized by the public for hosting LA Fashion Week, co-producing television shows, The Only Hero in D.C. Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary, the 2021 Biden / Harris Presidential Inauguration, her activism towards international women’s rights, the pursuit of equality for all members of the LGBTQ+ community, AIDS / HIV charitable fundraising, a partner of the Women’s March and United States Government Official Member of the Press. Rumor has it, the multitalented entrepreneur registigered a new business separate from M Media Advertising Agency, under The Mystic Moon, LLC.

Meghan Amaral is a fearless leader in business and in the pursuit of achieving success through perseverance, talent and dedication. December 2021, M Media Magazine’s first issue “Empowered Women” will be made available to the public. Meghan Amaral has branded herself in the making through her polished rapport with those in the advertising, film, press and entertainment industry.

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