KHG Media launches new coaching program on how to scale a business through proven social media advertising strategies

KHG Media has recently launched an online 12-week coaching program that sheds light on the tested strategies used to run advertisements profitably for big players on major social media platforms

Lake Havasu City, Arizona – July 19, 2021 – Leading digital marketing company KHG Media is pleased to announce the launch of their new online coaching program on tested and proven social media advertising strategies. Designed for business owners, service professionals, and info-product creators, the 12-week coaching program will teach you how to profitably run ads on Facebook and Instagram to generate 8-figures in revenue. 

“We are excited to introduce our latest 12-week online coaching program for business owners, service professionals, and info-product creators. We know there are a bunch of businesses with potential out there currently at a stage where they are unable to afford a DFY (Done For You) top-tier marketing and advertising agency. But, we still want to help them – our primary focus has always been on helping promising businesses make it big. We are convinced that all positive changes in society are brought about by entrepreneurs and service professionals finding solutions to problems in the market. And we want to empower and support these visionaries in proliferating their businesses to new heights”, stated Gavin Klauser and Alfredo Haro-Goñi, the founders of KHG Media. 

(In Frame: Gavin Klauser)

Gavin and Alfredo are colleagues-turned-friends and business partners who happened to work for the leading advertising company Cardone Kern (erstwhile Cardone Advertising). During one of their morning meetings, they were greeted by an unfamiliar face who made a shocking declaration, the agency was closing down.  

The message was loud and clear, and Gavin and Alfredo had only one option left before them- either sink or swim. And swim they did. 

When Cardone Advertising declared to close their doors, both Alfredo and Gavin knew they had to take immediate action to survive. They got on a call and decided to start their own digital marketing agency in partnership.  

(In Frame: Alfredo Haro-Goñi)

Gavin Klauser is a marketing veteran who had his own successful digital marketing startup. Also, while working with Cardone Advertising, he had a great opportunity to learn marketing strategies and tactics from the best which helped him to scale up his own business further.

On the other hand, Alfredo Haro-Goñiis a criminal attorney-turned-social media expert. He practiced criminal law for over 10 years until he finally decided he wanted to pivot to marketing and advertising. 

So, a digital marketing company was the smartest option for them when they decided to embark on their new business in partnership. Thus, KHG Media (K for Klauser, Gavin´s last name and HG for Haro-Goñi, Alfred’s last name) was born. 

KHG Media started with just 2 clients and went on to acquire over 20 clients in just  months.  

As of now, KHG Media extends full stack DFY (Done For You) digital marketing services and also the newly launched DWY (Done With You) “Automated Entrepreneurship” program. The program is dedicated to help Business Owners, Info-Product Creators, and Service Professionals achieve a consistent flow of buyers for their High-Ticket programs without being a slave to constantly creating content all day or without wasting time and money on cold calling and messaging.

The new 12-week coaching program is a part of KGH Media’s DWY initiative. The program will share the operating procedures that KHG Media itself deploys to manage advertising spend of up to hundreds of thousands per month profitably.  

The major unique selling point of the new coaching program is that it is extending a step-by-step tutorial on the state-of-the-art “Growth and Alignment Formula” formulated by KHG Media. The formula is strategically designed to leverage attention for a brand, its products or services and turn that attention into high-ticket clients on demand.

The “Automated Entrepreneurship” program will put you in the perfect position to excel in your zone of genius, while your automations drive a consistent flow of buyers for your High-Ticket programs without being a slave to constantly creating content all day or without wasting time and money on cold calling and messaging. 

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