Juice Guru Institute Certifies Landmark 1,000 Juice Therapists

Pandemic Accelerates Big Opportunities in the Trillion Dollar Wellness Industry.

When Juice Guru Institute founder and bestselling author Steve Prussack first launched his online school 10 years ago, he had a vision.

He realized that our nation is sick. Communities are plagued with diabetes, heart disease and cancer. And that the best cure is to inspire our friends, family and communities to get healthy using one of the most effective healing modalities: Juicing.

But he also had the foresight to know he couldn’t do it alone.

To improve the health of a nation, Steve knew he’d have to reach the masses by certifying others to spread the word of natural health. And he knew there was ample room for these Certified Practitioners to thrive.

Steve was right.

Even pre-Covid, opportunities were unlimited for Certified Juice Therapists to help their communities. Europa Press Releases reports that one trillion dollars is spent annually on health care globally.

And in the wake of a worldwide pandemic, there came a perfect storm putting fire to the flame of the Juice Guru Revolution.

When Covid hit, people found themselves jobless and needing to transition to a new career due to widespread stay-at-home orders and the financial fallout. At the same time, the disease created even more opportunity for those with a passion for health to start a business of their own, helping our communities build their immune systems naturally.

By July 2021, Juice Guru Institute reached a landmark of over 1,000 practitioners certified worldwide.

These new business creators have gone on to open successful juice delivery businesses, juice trucks and juice bars in food deserts and health-centered communities around the world. They’ve created thriving careers as influencers, successful retreat leaders and holistic health coaches, both online and in their communities.

It was important to Steve to create a program grounded in science, and that features training by the leading medical doctors who have used juicing in their practices for decades. That move paid off for Steve, the Institute and the more than 1,000 Certified Juice Therapists who have graduated to date.

The program is so thorough, it has earned accreditation through the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). That means that Juice Guru Institute has also become the only program of its kind to offer graduates a dual degree: as a Certified Juice Therapist and a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Steve designed the program to go well beyond educating about the therapeutic use and value of fresh juices and smoothies.

Certified Practitioners are also taught how to build their own business. The Institute provides marketing materials and completely done-for-you templates to run sugar detox programs, juice cleanse programs and even plant-based detox challenges.

So what’s the future for Juice Guru Institute?

The Institute plans to offer a franchise opportunity for their practitioners to help with their branding and set-up of their juicing business. This will further the vision of making it as easy as possible to get more people healthy.

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