Thriving through lockdown – Guneet Jolly’s story

Thriving through lockdown - Guneet Jolly’s story

The lockdown has been hard on Bollywood and the music industry, be it the first or the second. And in all probability, there will be a third (one for which we should brace ourselves, but that’s a different story). Yet, the 27 year old singer – Guneet Jolly has not just survived the lockdown, but thrived through it! He launched his production company and is soon launching new music. His mindset: Don’t think of it as wasted time. Think of it as an opportunity to focus on the self. This mindset has helped him tremendously, yet it was a journey.

The lockdown did not hit him hard and he credits his work ethic for it. “I had always worked hard and built my foundation. Because of this, I always had work even in lockdown. Of course nobody anticipated it, but Waheguru I was well prepared for it.” And new avenues always open up.  “I did try virtual concerts, but they were not for me. I found them counterproductive to my goals. And I had other work to focus on. I realised that I can use all this spare time to practice and perfect my craft.” Sleep? That was forgotten. Food, rest, merriment – all of this took a back seat to work and every endeavour to succeed. Barely sleeping a few hours a day was the norm. Every waking moment was a working moment. This may not be good advice for everyone, but it worked for Guneet. As a wise man once said – be a philosopher when you are already rich and successful. For Guneet, as he puts it “I only focused on one thing: building up my brand. And that is exactly what I did.”

It is true, the concerts were no longer held. But concerts will come back when the situation permits. Guneet has used this time wisely, perfecting his craft, and focusing on streamlining his vision and goals. “I focused on that what would make me grow, refused that which would hold me back. People forget how important refusal is.” He never really brought into gimmicks like the power of positivity. Few would take such a strong stance with respect to personal growth when it came at the price of sacrificing the pleasures of life. But by taking this leap, Guneet has thrived through the lockdown and says, humbly but quite confidently “by the grace of Waheguru, I can handle myself through nearly any adversity.” Here is a man who walks the talk. His passion is so fiery it seems little would stop him from getting the success he deserves.

But is it worth it? Guneet surely thinks so. “I have no time for personal relationships. I overthink, and I overwork. By gods grace, I got opportunities, which I took. But work became my only focus, and I think that is how I thrived. I denied myself all distraction, and one thing grew into another. I built up professional contacts, and through that got more work. Time has been kind to me. I don’t regret sacrificing all that I did.” It was smart time management that put him a notch above the rest. “I used the virtual world to spend more time with my teachers. I studied business models, I invested my money, and I planned how to rotate the money to reap more dividends for myself. I invested in myself, so to speak. Yes, it came at a cost. But it was worth all the sacrifice.”

It was not positivity that got Guneet to this point. It was hard work, crazed passion, and dedication to his craft.

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