Multi-Industry Strategist Que Johnson Steers Brands Into the Spotlight

Multi-Industry Strategist Que Johnson Steers Brands Into the Spotlight

Every day, thousands of ventures are being queued onto the stage. Amid this overwhelming number, it comes as no surprise that only a handful get their fair share of the spotlight – most of which made their way there by enlisting the aid of the renowned brand strategist Quendole “Que” Johnson.

Born and raised in the historical Englewood neighborhood in Chicago, Que Johnson developed the winning traits of perseverance and expression at a very young age. As she grew, she continued to hone these attributes until, at the age of 16, she was recognized for her talent and offered a spot in the retail management and management training industry.

She handled her post for the next 18 years and efficiently managed a whopping 400 million in retail sales. All this while training over 1,000 new hires and managers to transition into powerhouse individuals. Her effective program and unparalleled customer service and strategies made Que a sought-after figure by both clients and colleagues – so much so that she grew encouraged to find a way to address them all at once.

She launched “The Purple Girl Show” blog talk radio in 2012. With only a cellphone, computer, and a massive personality, Que charmed over 50,000 listeners and left them in awe of her marketing prowess. However, this was not all that they loved about the show.

Aside from her hard-earned hacks into the industry and informative discussions, Que also invited numerous high-profile individuals on The Purple Girl Show. Since its launch, the blog talk radio has welcomed NBA players, reality stars, elected officials, activists, and more. 

The comprehensive content that she released eventually led to media attention with BET Hip Hop Awards weekend, Nike Chi League, Chicago Bud Billiken Parade VIP Reception, MC Lyte Vinyl Release Party, and a commentary on TMZ, to name a few. 

As her impact grew, Que Johnson began to entertain the idea of branching out. So, she founded 529 Management LLC. Leveraging her experience as a renowned media personality and retail management expert, Que created a lifestyle branding and brand management company that forwards innovative methods to position hidden businesses into the spotlight.

Launching a venture toward timeless relevance is a challenging feat, and yet, from the avalanche of reviews on Que’s company, it seems nearly effortless for the brilliant entrepreneur. Since 529 Management LLC’s establishment, Que Johnson has driven her company to the top – introducing client-centered services and unique brand ideas that have helped them grow exponentially, attract lucrative collaborations and partnerships, amplify their influence, and increase cash flow.

“We provide result-driven services that can boost our client’s brand credibility immediately,” Que shares. “We offer a catered experience from our first point of contact to onboarding to offboarding. Our clients always receive bonuses and surprises.”

Unlike ventures in the same field, Que has shaped 529 Management LLC to equip clients with winning techniques and educate them about the latest trends while elevating their brands to center-stage. “In most cases, these particular clients are all in, and we can hit the ground running with out-of-the-box brand strategies.” 

Due to this client dedication, Que Johnson has not only catapulted her extensive clientele to new heights, but she has also recently launched The Brand Surgeon apparel line, which carries fashionable yet comfortable designs to motivate both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Apart from the fashion industry, Que has also made a splash in the publishing world as a best-selling author on Amazon with a co-authored project released under JWG Publishing.

Learn more about Que Johnson and how she invests her experience to steer brands into the spotlight. Reach out to the multi-industry expert on Instagram, Linktree, and 529 Management LLC’s official website.

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