Y. Rená Cooper Launches the Harriet Tubman-Underground Railroad Initiative for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Y. Rená Cooper Launches the Harriet Tubman-Underground Railroad Initiative for Victims of Domestic Abuse

It’s a sad fact that many individuals today fall victim to domestic abuse, often leading to serious health issues later on and bringing their confidence and self-esteem in an endless downward spiral. Y. Rená Cooper is among those who emerged victorious against their abusers, and today she is making it her mission to help other survivors and people who are still hanging by a thread. Her initiative, the Harriet Tubman-Underground Railroad project, is merely the beginning of the many more to come.

The Harriet Tubman-Underground Railroad initiative aims to assist survivors and victims of domestic abuse relocate to a new community and start their lives over. Y. Rená and her well-rounded team want to provide survivors and victims with a refuge to escape their abuser and feel safe again someplace else.

Y. Rená herself is a survivor of domestic abuse. After fighting to regain control over her life and putting broken pieces back together, she became a stronger person. Today, Y. Rená has made it her goal to ensure that her voice gets amplified to the rest of the world, crying loud for victims who feel there is no longer hope left for them.

Aiming to have a platform for her story, Y. Rená became a certified coach. Her profession allows her to be an influencer many seek assistance from. She has spoken to audiences from all walks of life. Y. Rená has delivered talks at the University of Chicago, the Kimmy G. Foundation’s Beauty for Ashes, and the Move Me Soul Youth Dance and Mentoring Program. She is a member and speaker for the Global Woman Club, Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized (P.O.W.E.R.) and BE Mississippi Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Y. Rená has addressed audiences in Jamaica and Mexico.

“After all I have survived, it is my destiny to help others know that they too can overcome triggers of traumatic events,” said Y. Rená. “We never get over the trauma. However, we learn to maneuver through them and control how we react when a trigger occurs,” the coach added further. 

Furthermore, Y. Rená is also the founder and CEO of 4 My Voice Matters, an NFP (501c3) organization that raises funds and brings awareness to domestic violence and suicide. Through her company, she is able to organize events to raise funds for DV shelters and organizations throughout the country. Y. Rená is also the CEO of Y. Rená Unlimited, LLC, a company that offers coaching, masterclasses, speaking engagements, conferences, and retreats. 

Y. Rená’s memoir, Assassination Avoided, Destiny Defined, has struck a chord with global readers since its launching in 2019. The memoir retells her abusive relationship, how she survived abuse and shootings, and tackles how people can tell signs of an abusive relationship. Her second memoir, When Did It Stop Loving You, tells the journey of how she loved herself again after her dark past. Her sophomore book was released on April 24, 2021.

Y. Rená seeks to use whatever platform she can find to continually raise awareness and even open difficult conversations on domestic abuse and suicide prevention, especially among the youth. “If you wake up, there is something you need to accomplish or complete. Destiny awaits; don’t make it wait too long.”

Learn more about Y. Rená Cooper on her official website.

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