Author JJ Dizz’s Latest Book “246” is a Bundle of Suspense, Tragedy and Adventure

The book takes you on an emotional roller coaster journey that keeps you hooked till the very end of the story. The mesmerizing saga is a reflection of author’s vivid imagination and abundant creativity.

New York, USA – In her recently published book, “246”, New York based writer JJ Dizz has weaved a spellbinding story of melancholy, love and revenge, blended with hints of reality to create a splendid novel. The novel sets off with a bang and the thrilling story promises to keep the readers engaged till the end. The book hit the shelves in June 2021.


The book ‘246‘ is an engaging story about a killer known as The Reaper, who is tasked to carry out a mission at Experiment Labs. However, with a fateful encounter, his world would never be the same.

Dedicating this masterpiece work to her readers, JJ Dizz said, “Following the success of my previous book, the outpouring of love and appreciation I have received is phenomenal and surreal. Writing is my life and I put my heart and soul in every story I create. I think the book lovers and specially those who are fond of fiction are really going to enjoy reading this novel.”

The novel has been receiving rave reviews from readers across the world.

“You have to pick up this book, for those that love this style it is a must. Found this book on a book blog and happy I did.” says an impressed reader.

“Brilliant story and well composed. A highly recommended book for avid fictional readers.” remarked another reader.

The 392-page novel promises to keep the readers engaged till the end with all the twists and turns in the plot. The book unveils the plot in entertaining language that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them wonder what happens on the next page. Every chapter in the novel has something new to offer. As the story unfolds, it keeps readers guessing along the way. Readers will find that this thriller suspense will keep them turning the pages and staying up all night long to read.

The book is available for purchase online in digital and paperback format.

About the Author

JJ Dizz is a seasoned author who loves writing fiction. She lives in Farmingdale, NY, USA and has a passion for the arts. Whether it be writing, drawing, or acting. JJ is passionate about writing and has the ability to weave magic with her words and imagination that can touch the depths of one’s soul. She has written countless drafts since her youth, and has a great passion for creating, as well as designing characters. Some of the popular books that JJ has penned recently include Summers Stories & Class of Oddities.  

246 is available for purchase on Kindle and Barnes & Noble.

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