How does the SMT equipment collect data?

full auto SMT production line

Data acquisition method of SMT machine:

SMT is the process of attaching SMD device to PCB board, which is the key technology of SMT assembly line. SMT pick and place machine has complex control parameters and high precision requirements, so it is the key acquisition equipment object in this project. The collection includes production information, installation information, SMT nozzle information, SMT feeder information, program information. The key parameters include production number, downtime, working time, working efficiency, material number, loading number and material number. According to the suction nozzle, material frame, time period and other different analysis conditions, the adsorption rate, the mounting rate is too low and the production of a machine is reduced to alarm.

The chip device using DOS operating system can communicate with the COM port of the chip machine through the off-line software, and the acquisition driver can directly obtain the relevant acquisition data from the process files generated by the off-line software.

Another method is to install a serial communication program on the chip machine. Under the state of DOS, it communicates with the serial program on the acquisition server and sends the process data to the acquisition server for monitoring and storage. After the data is collected to the server, it can be directly decomposed according to the format.

Data collection method of reflow oven:

The reflow oven process is to heat the component plate and melt the solder paste to achieve the electrical connection between the device and the PCB plate solder pad. Data collection includes furnace temperature and strip speed in each area. At the same time according to the time interval of the furnace temperature changes to draw the trend chart of broken line, the furnace temperature is too high alarm, this module through the equipment control system interface data acquisition, PC and the main control card through the COM port communication, reflow soldering information acquisition, issued a control command, steamer control new road is a closed-loop control.

Install the acquisition response program on the reflow control computer, connect the acquisition driver on the remote acquisition server through non-blocking SOCK, and transmit real-time data. Through multi-threading, the acquisition server can connect multiple reflow solders for data acquisition at the same time.

Data collection method of solder paste machine:

Printing is the process of walking solder paste (or curable adhesive) onto PCB board. Taking automatic solder paste printing machine as an example, data collection is realized. The collection parameters include: production concentration, production number, printing method, scraping pressure, scraping speed, separation speed, cycle time and printing direction. This module collects printing data through the general protocol of the industry.

The communication driver program is written using the relevant protocols of SEMI to realize the data response between the acquisition driver and the device. At the same time, it is required to turn on the corresponding Host Comm switch on the main control interface of the printer to enable the Enabled state. Note that the GEM communication card for solder paste printer is not configured by default and requires a single installation.

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