Olta Baraj, fashion and beauty influencer selected by biggest foreign brands

Olta Baraj, fashion and beauty influencer selected by biggest foreign brands

“Olta Baraj, fashion and beauty influencer selected by biggest foreign brands”
The current world is witnessing a high speed nourishment of Fashion and beauty blog, and the number of bloggers in such a domain turned to be uncountable. That’s why being in such a domain make a blogger as an exception. Olta Baraj is one of the most influential fashion and beauty bloggers who have their marvelous touch in such a domain.

It has been noted that fashion and lifestyle bloggers took a very intrinsic role in our everyday life. As their lives play out on Instagram feeds and Snapchat stories, thousands of people are following the top fashion influencers and taking note of the clothes they wear, the food they eat and the places they visit. Covering fashion as well as beauty, travel and lifestyle products, these influencers are at the top of their game and could be the perfect people to take a certain brand to the next level.

Olta Baraj is one of the most influential and well known fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle influencers and bloggers. With a cumulative reach of 174K, Olta Baraj is one of Albanians’ top fashion influencers. Olta first burst onto the scene in 2014 with the launch of her blog, “Olta.photoholic”.  Her passion and love to fashion and beauty made her best fit in the position she holds now. She uses to keep her Instagram feed full of her eye-catching and amazing colorful photos of her everyday marvelous and natural look. These photos that are full of life caught the interest of various fashion and beauty brands. Her outstanding appearance, inner natural beauty and talented soul emanate from within and radiate out to reach new world full of flashes.

She was selected by various and countless foreign brands to work with them, make photo sessions and give her pure feedback on her social media platform so that lead her followers and help them easily get their fashion and beauty styles. Olta Baraj gives honest reviews about local and foreign beauty products and brands who contact her and send her some of their products to try and share them on her Instagram account. She has been selected by many brands including Fashionnova, Prettylittlething, Rare Beauty, Sigma Beauty, Colour Pop, Roja Parfum, Revolve, Lounge apparel, sik silk, Olaplex, Boxy Charm, Pixi Beauty, Benefit Cosmetics, Sugar Bear Hair, Shein Drunk Elephant, Steve Madden and much more. Such brands have been really interested in her and by the outcome she reveals after sharing their products on her profile.

Olta Baraj is a must to follow fashion and beauty blogger, visit her profile account “Olta.photoholic” and will definitely be fascinated with her mouthwatering content.

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