CertificationPoint’s New Features Attracting Students and Businesses

Haughton, Louisiana – CertificationPoint is an educational tech-based online platform that enables college students to build project-based professional work experience. With the top-of-the-range technology, students can get real-world work experience to attain career progression. Currently, CerticationPoint has over 70,000 students registered on the platform and is expecting to add more as students get to enjoy more features and partnerships aimed at helping students start their career paths on a positive note. 

College Partnerships

CertificationPoint was recently approved to offer a career gateway preparatory program at various colleges across the United States. The colleges include Mississippi State University, Saint Mary’s College, and the University of New Mexico. More colleges are lined up to be added to our national waiting list for CGPP. Colleges Looking To Participate?

Beneficial Features to Students

CertificationPoint has specific features that benefit students in a great way. First, the company has embraced the new trending technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain, by creating CPNTcoin, which is used for internal transactions. The utility coin is to ensure users transact at lower costs, faster, and efficiently.  

Students can gain real-world experience via collaborative project-based learning. They have the dual routes within the program, which enables them to get jobs in a career field or become an entrepreneur. Through Live Q&A from experienced mentors, students can close the knowledge gaps with existing projects. In other words, the platform enables them to fine-tune their career paths with ease. 

Features Beneficial to Businesses

The benefits are not only limited to students, CertificationPoint empowers businesses and enables them to tap into future talents on smaller-scale projects before they are fully hired and absorbed into full-time workers. Here, businesses can post interest darts to students’ profiles as a top candidate for hire, and students can also send interest darts to businesses they would like to work for in the future. Additionally, students can display project management workflow to businesses to display their skills progression. CertificationPoint is currently looking to add more businesses and experienced mentors to the platform as new colleges come on board. All these are meant to make it easy for businesses to hire the right skilled students for their projects.

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