Best Free VPN to Secure Grab App Details

The Grab app started as a ride-hailing company. Over the years of success and innovation, Grab currently has a variety of online services that mostly cater deliveries. And since several countries are still in the quarantine phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for these services is continuously rising.

Grab even allows cashless transactions as per some of national governments’ quarantine protocols. Because of this, users can link any banking or credit card account on the Grab app; or just use GrabPay, the app’s mobile wallet payment method.

Many have been praising the app’s added payment methods because of the adherence to physical safety against the COVID-19 virus. Also, for its convenience because users need not look for some cash when it is needed the most as it will only take one click to pay for a Grab service.

However, since the app is in the public webspace, cyberthieves might get interested in stealing users’ valuable data like addresses, contact details, and even banking information.

Plenty of internet users have become gambits of these online threats because of visible data in public webspace, so, it is better that online users consider adding another layer of cybersecurity. After all, web breachers and hackers only go for vulnerable online data and not the protected ones.

Guarantee online safety and privacy

There is one, simple way to assure one’s online data safety and privacy- by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN ensures a secure connection by establishing an encrypted virtual tunnel. So, the user’s data will pass through the tunnel. This will make the user’s IP address hidden from everyone, even the online threats.

With a VPN, no one can keep track or record online data and activities. But of course, online users must also be informed on what type of VPN to download and connect to because VPNs are not created equal.

There are paid VPNs that offer premium VPN services. These VPNs can come off pricey, but if one is willing to pay for a high-quality VPN, a paid VPN is the way to go. However, there are online users who do not want to shell out some cash for a VPN app. As for these users, free VPN is the key. Although, some of the free VPN apps are sketchy and not effective.

Good thing, there is a reliable and trusted free VPN app that can also give users a high-quality VPN service.

GoingVPN as the best free VPN for Grab users

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that provides premium VPN features to everyone. This free VPN is suitable for frequent Grab users as it has a tight encryption process. Users won’t have to worry about inputting significant information on the Grab app anymore.

In addition to that, GoingVPN provides a max speed technology to compensate for the VPN’s encryption process. Naturally, encryption decreases the speed of the device, and sometimes, affects the internet speed too. But with this feature, users would not have to experience any lags and buffers.

Not to mention, this VPN app also offers an unlimited data bandwidth so that users will be cyber-protected at any given time. A pro tip: just leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ and leave it up to the best free VPN app to do its work.


With a technology-dependent society, online users are becoming more accepting of new innovations. But the downside is, online threats are also adapting to the high-technology.

Fortunately, anyone can circumvent third parties roaming around the web with a high-quality VPN app like GoingVPN and use the Grab app and other software tools with ease and no worries.

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