NHU debut at 2021 China Feed Industry Exhibition

NHU took part in the 2021 China Feed Industry Fair in Chongqing on April 18,2010, bringing innovative animal nutrition solutions to participants. At the China Feed Industry Association Council meeting and Feed Industry Development Forum held on the eve of the exhibition, NHU won two honors: “Top 20 feed additive enterprises of 2020”and “Top 30 innovative feed enterprises of 2020”.

Academician Li Defa, President of China Feed Industry Association; Wang Zongli, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Feed Industry Association; Lu Wei, director of Chongqing Agricultural and Rural Committee, visited the NHU Booth and exchanged opinions with Mr. Hu Baishan,the vice president of China Feed Industry Association, vice Chairman and president of the company

In aquaculture, NHU introduced Astaxanthin (ESSENTION PINK). As a strong antioxidant, astaxanthin can significantly improve the immunity of aquatic animals, improve reproductive performance and promote growth. More importantly, it can improve the nutritional value of farmed aquatic products such as salmon and meet nutritional and health needs.

At present, NHU Astaxanthin series has more to offer than regular 5% (oil suspension) and 10% specifications, and has been successfully applied in aquaculture, especially in the global salmon culture, with a continuous traceable quality, as well as leading technology and innovation capacity, has been widely recognized in the industry.

For livestock and poultry breeding, NHU introduced feed-grade DL-methionine (SANDIMET). Methionine is the only sulfur-containing amino acid in the eight major amino acids which mainly participate in the synthesis of protein. It is an indispensable nutrient in feed formula that help to enhance the disease resistance and promote the healthy growth of animals.

NHU has the first full-scale, green and integrated methionine production facility in China with completely independent intellectual property rights. In 2020,100,000 tons of the 250,000 tons per year project of methionine phase II was put into use as scheduled, further enhancing the brand value of NHU, strengthening the confidence of the company, and providing impetus for the sustainable and healthy development of the feed and breeding industry.

Further more, NHU has also launched series of vitamins. The content of VA, VE,VC and biotin, which are directly related to immunity in Premix, can effectively compensate the influence of epidemic environment on animal health and production performance.

At the same time, in the choice of embedding materials, NHU uses safer and environment-friendly embedding materials instead of gelatin (commonly used animal gelatin, especially pig gelatin), which can effectively avoid the related risks and open up new markets, so that to widen applications of the finished vitamin products in the international market application, to be more competitive,which in hence will be a strong impetus to the rapid development of domestic feed-grade vitamin industry.

For canthaxanthin. As an important Carotenoid, canthaxanthin is mainly used as an animal feed additive. It can supplement the insufficient content of Carotenoid in egg yolk, has anti-oxidation effect, and can also make the egg yolk and poultry more vivid.

According to the latest NHU nutrition research experiment, canthaxanthin added to corn-soybean meal diet can improve the color of egg yolk. With the increase of content of canthaxanthin in feed, the total amount of canthaxanthin in egg yolk increased linearly, and the color score of egg yolk increased quadratic curve.

In the future, NHU is eager to continue to build innovative products and solutions, with high efficiency and high quality production capacity so that customers may achieve greater value growth with less resources.

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