Bellrose Group donates $1.5m to aid citizens affected by the pandemic

Bellrose Group donates $1.5m to aid citizens affected by the pandemic

Bellrose Group has donated $1.5m Dollars to help support the people effected by the pandemic in Japan. The company has been helping since the beginning of this tragic event by supporting hospitals with additional PPE and food for the influx of patience staying in various hospitals.

They have felt very strongly about supporting the local community through this ordeal and feel that they can have a very positive impact on those individuals or families who have been severely impacted by the virus.

 A company representative told us:

“Here at Bellrose Group we understand how fortunate we have been to carry on operating and surviving through this global crisis. However, we know many people have been badly effected and have lost their jobs or income and even worse some have lost their lives.

Many families have been dealing with the loss of family members some of which who were the bread winners of the household.

We feel like even though our donation and support are not significant, with more and more companies showing support in any way that they can, then we can slowly start to repair the damages caused by this horrible event.”

Bellrose group continue to support the local communities and the hospitals and with this very generous donation they hope to do more for those most in need.

Hopefully more and more corporations and institutions will support their locals by providing any aid that they can and together the world unites in relieving the pressures any have faced over the last 2 years.

As the world still tries to figure out how it will get back to normal life pre-pandemic, it is in the best interest of everyone to support one another through these difficult and sad times.

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