Mental Health Advocate, Wendy Adamson Releases her New Memoir: INCORRIGIBLE

Mental Health Advocate, Wendy Adamson Releases her New Memoir: INCORRIGIBLE

Los Angeles, California – Mental health advocate and author Wendy Adamson releases her new memoir “Incorrigible”.

In her debut memoir, MOTHER LOAD, Wendy Adamson told the story of ending up in county jail for shooting her husband’s mistress.

Now, with INCORRIGIBLE she takes us all the way back to when she was seven-year-old and visited her mom in the State Mental Hospital. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would end up there several years later.

Adamson’s memoir recounts a girl’s spiral of self-destruction as she turns to drugs and alcohol to deal with the unspoken grief of her mother’s suicide. In an act of defiance against her father, she runs away only to get arrested by the police. At fourteen years old she finds herself being plucked from her privileged lifestyle and forced to navigate the criminal justice system of probation officers, juvenile halls, and foster homes.

Incorrigible is a raw, gripping, coming-of-age story where Adamson recounts her struggles with addiction and incarceration, until finally, against nearly insurmountable odds, she emerges on the other side with an empowering new purpose in her life. This 307-page turner is sure to captivate your mind and soul as Wendy candidly exposes her personal undoing, and the long and delicate reassembly it would take to put her life back together again.

“Wendy Adamson pulls no punches in her new memoir ‘Incorrigible’. She takes us through the teenage angst and self-destruction that ensues after her mother’s suicide, landing her in psych wards, juvenile halls, and foster homes. Goodbye Privilege; hello Criminal Justice System. Snappy dialogue, striking descriptions, and heartbreaking candor create a difficult but fascinating journey.” – Amy Dresner, “My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean”.

Adamson’s memoir, “INCORRIGIBLE”, is written with the clarity and self-awareness of a life hard-lived, and somehow, miraculously survived. A descriptive narrative that viscerally drops you into the lion’s den of desperate confusion, childhood trauma, and overwhelming grief. Wendy has lived an awe-inspiring life that is necessary for all to comprehend, seemingly now more than ever. ~ Todd Newman Writer/Director “MOURNING SON”

Incorrigible is currently available for preorder on Amazon.

Author Bio:

Wendy Adamson currently works at Polaris Teen Center, a residential treatment center for adolescents struggling with mental health issues. She also volunteers her time to Hav A Sole, a non-profit that delivers quality tennis shoes to the underserved. Committed to breaking the stigma of mental illness and addiction, Wendy has told her stories in institutions, on the stage, the radio, and she also leads several writing groups in Los Angeles. Wendy’s first memoir, Mother Load is also available on Amazon.

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