The Relatable Voice Host, Lucia Matuonto Announces New Podcast Series, ‘Carpooling with the RV’

Podcast Host, Lucia Matuonto sets to release new podcast series to give listeners insights into different relatable topics

Lucia Matuonto has recently announced that her new podcast series called ‘Carpooling with the RV’ will begin in October. The series will be weekly and will be aired on Saturdays on her podcast, ‘The Relatable Voice (RV)’. On each episode, two or three experts will be invited to talk about a specific and relatable topic dedicated to that episode. Topics will range from education, physical and mental health to grief, immigration, history and so much more. Each expert will present and discuss different views and also reveal new information and tips. Listeners will therefore get the chance to learn more.

Her podcast, ‘The Relatable Voice’ is a platform where authors from all walks of life can share their stories about being authors. This idea was birthed for authors to share their stories. It is also a means to give readers a peek into the lives of their favorite authors, their inspirations, and what they go through to put out a book project. Carpooling with the RV, therefore, is a broader scope to the idea of The Relatable Voice where experts and professionals can give insights into topics that affect our daily lives.

‘‘The Relatable Voice, or the RV, is a virtual road trip where I can pick someone up and give them a ride and they can talk about life, books, goals, or whatever else comes up. The idea is to help authors and writers worldwide gain the right exposure and create proper positioning,’’ says Lucia.

Lucia welcomes all types of authors with varying degrees of success as they know how crucial it is to gain exposure in such a competitive industry. She is also interested in having people who want to change the world and help others with inspiring stories. She has featured authors like Jennifer Degenhardt, a Hispanic writer whose books have been translated to French, German, and English.

As an author with 20 years of experience in the industry, Lucia has grown to understand how the publishing industry works and what it takes to be a successful author. As the founder of Luma Studio Arts and Inspiration, Lucia provides publishing and writing coaching, proofreading and editing services, and also video tutorials for authors. 

Lucia Matuonto not only gives a platform to experts; she features them on E-Magazines like BrandEducation where she has a column and WorldsAuthors where she hosts a program called ‘UNCUT with Lucia.’ 

About Lucia Matuonto

Lucia Matuonto is a published children’s book author, physiotherapist, Creative Director and has just added two more projects to her name. She is the host of the new interview program on called “UNCUT with Lucia”, and is also the host of her new podcast, “The Relatable Voice”.

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