Expanding Gate Valve Available with Energy Products Company for Sturdy and Dependable Performance at Temperatures Up to 1000° F

According to announcements released by Energy Products Company, the WKM Pow-R-Seal expanding gate valve features a parallel expanding gate design that allows it to deliver a reliably tight mechanical seal that holds upstream and downstream. This design allows the valve to function optimally even when the pressure changes. Proper isolation is an essential requirement for many applications, and this seal fulfills this demand for fluid, gas, steam, and hot water critical services.

Manufactured by Cameron, these seals stocked by Energy Products Company function reliably even at temperatures touching 1000° F. These seals last long because the seat faces are positioned to be in complete contact with the gate and away from the flow stream.

The design of the expanding gate valve ensures that its functioning does not get impaired by changes in pressure, heat, or vibrations.

The full-bore design of the valves allows for the movement of all types of scrapers. This gate valve features positive stops that function without any adjustment. Repair and maintenance of these valves are easier because these can be done by removing the pressure and draining the valves.

Regular operation with these valves can be accomplished without a lubricant. The injection of lubricants and sealants can, however, lead to smoother functioning. If the seats get affected by foreign matter, a seat sealant can quickly be injected to ensure proper sealing and emergency functioning. The body cavity thermal relief system ensures relief from excess body pressure due to the split gate design.

Energy Products Company stocks valves in various sizes, pressure, and materials that meet industry requirements.

For more information, go to https://www.energyproducts.us/orbit-ball-valve

Energy Products Company stated that 60 years of worldwide service in oil, gas, chemicals, water, slurry, and multiproduct applications has established the WKM Pow-R-Seal valve as one of the most trusted gate valves, where safety and seal reliability are critical. The parallel expanding gate design provides a tight mechanical seal, usually unaffected by vibrations or pressure variations. The rigid, cast steel body resists pipeline bending moments which could affect seat sealing in other valves. PTFE seals on both valve faces provide drop tight sealing, while metal-to-metal contact between the seals and gate mechanism provides tight shutoff. All-metal seals also are available for service to 1000° F (538° C), where leakage rates comply with API 6D and ISO 5208 standards.

In the fully closed position, the segment has engaged with an end stop, and the gate is wedged downward, expanding the segment and gate so that they form a tight mechanical closure against the upstream and downstream seats. Venting the body cavity will provide a total, tight shutoff.

Cameron is well-positioned to deliver total aftermarket support quickly and efficiently, with unmatched OEM expertise. Energy Products Company’s highly skilled engineers and technicians are available around the clock, seven days a week, to respond to customer queries, troubleshoot problems, and offer reliable solutions.

About the Company:

Energy Products Company is the largest distributor of general twin seal double block & bleed valves, WKM Pow-R-Seal expanding gate valves & Orbit rising stem ball valves serving the petroleum industry. It specializes in liquid pipeline operations and natural gas pipeline operations.

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