Use RemoteIoT device management platform to monitor Raspberry Pi and IoT devices in real time

Since many IoT deployments consist of hundreds of thousands to millions of devices, tracking, monitoring, and managing the connected device fleet is critical. Users need to ensure that their IoT devices work properly and safely after deployment. Users also need to protect access to devices, monitor health, detect and remotely troubleshoot, and manage software and firmware updates.

The remote IoT device management platform can easily and securely register, organize, monitor and remotely manage IoT devices on a large scale. Through the RemoteIoT device management platform, users can register their connected devices individually or in batches, easily manage permissions, and ensure device security. Users can also organize their devices, monitor and exclude device functions, query the status of any IoT device in the device, and send firmware updates over the air (OTA)-all of which are done through a fully managed web application. The RemoteIoT device management platform is independent of device type and operating system, so users can use the same service to manage devices ranging from restricted microcontrollers to connected cars. The RemoteIoT device management platform allows users to expand their fleet and reduce the cost and workload of managing large and diverse IoT device deployments.

Remote access to Raspberry Pi via SSH, VNC and RDP behind a firewall or NAT router

After deploying IoT devices, developers lose physical access to the devices, which in turn makes it difficult for them to maintain software on the devices. Through the RemoteIoT device management platform, users can directly connect to the Raspberry Pi behind the firewall via SSH or VNC from anywhere, just like on a local network. The platform supports all Linux machines and TCP services such as SSH, VNC, RDP and HTTP.

Monitor Raspberry Pi’s CPU temperature and status

Overheating is the main problem of Raspberry Pi and IoT devices. In order to reliably run its IoT fleet, the company needs a comprehensive understanding of the overall health of its equipment, as well as system error logs to troubleshoot and diagnose equipment hardware and application issues. With the help of the RemoteIoT device management platform, users can learn the temperature of their Raspberry PI GPU or CPU from the web dashboard.

Remotely update IoT devices

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow globally, manufacturers have adopted new methods to remotely and reliably update field devices. This is where the over-the-air (OTA) update comes in. OTA update refers to the practice of remotely updating the software or firmware of connected IoT devices. This saves IT staff time and effort because they can push updates to a group of devices at once. RemoteIoT allows users to upload their applications to all devices in the web-based management console. Even if users have millions of devices, users can easily update their apps on all devices with a single click.


The RemoteIoT device management platform can monitor the health and status of the device, implement remote access, mark anomalies for maintenance or upgrade the firmware remotely, individually or safely through the dashboard. These remote tools make the company’s IoT devices safe and stable without affecting development time and costs.

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