DIY Bubble Wall in the Memphis Style at Midwest

Today, we return with our Bubble Wall Art decorative styles with one of the most striking, creative, and outstanding trends of the 20th century, and yet in a certain way unknown: the Memphis style. This style was unveiled for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair in 1981. Beyond a decorative style, it could be defined as a philosophy that moves away from the minimalist and monochromatic patterns that marked the last century in interior design.

Halfway between the Bauhaus and art-deco, a DIY Bubble Wall in Memphis style stands out for its colorful, carefree proposals with endless forms that become revolutionary proposals.

Let’s create a Bubble Wall Art in a renewed pop-style

A DIY Bubble Wall is fundamentally visual, what better way than to tell people about its characteristics through water synchronizing with a smash of hues?

Burst of color

Have you ever had doubts about what color to choose on the DIY Bubble Wall? If you are one of those who like to mix textures and colors, the Memphis style is made for you. One of the most obvious characteristics is the combination of colors, which tend to create a rainbow around the room, either with primary colors (red, yellow, or blue) or combinations of secondary ones.

All spaces feature a powerful and striking color palette, where red, yellow, and blue and green (the more vivid, the better) combine to impact people. Furthermore, these colors are mixed, leaning on black and white.

Bubble Wall Art: Characteristics of the Memphis style

However, in this style, we can also find a palette that plays pastel colors, catalogued by some as the “Neo-Memphis” or “New Memphis”. It is not so striking but calmer (very much in line with current styles and much to the taste of millennials), although the goal remains the same: captivate the eye as soon as it sees it.

Ideas to decorate Bubble Wall Artin Memphis style

Creativity in all its forms

Circles, spirals, squares, triangles both the spaces, the Bubble Wall Art or the decoration, the Memphis style is based on geometric and organic figures used crazily and asymmetrically.

Combination of materials

Suppose the Memphis style draws so much attention. In that case, it is for breaking all the rules in colors and shapes, but also in its materials, with which it creates the most surprising decorative elements and furniture, mixing textures and finishes.

Explore Memphis style through DIY Bubble Wall at Midwest Tropical

We can craft Bubble Wall Art in woods, metals, lacquers, marble, velvet, and coatings of all kinds, both in gloss and matte.

Chaos and fun

One of the Memphis style purposes is to question good design, canons of beauty, minimalism, and the pure and simple forms of spaces with more classic designs.

Memphis style decor

In short, a style that some will like and not others, but that does not go unnoticed. We hope you liked our DIY Bubble Wall proposals. And, we encourage people to experiment with it if people are passionate about color.

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