Leading Innovative Life and Business Coach, Michael Baptiste, Shares Insights on How to Grow an Online or Retail Product Business

Leading Innovative Life and Business Coach, Michael Baptiste, Shares Insights on How to Grow an Online or Retail Product Business

Innovative life and business coach, Michael Baptiste, has over the years helped a lot of people turn their dreams into successful realities through his unique business coaching program with lots of students turning their expertise and ideas into high ticket sales. As a successful co-founder, Michael is helping people learn how to create scalable and successful online products, coaching programs, and even retail products that can sell online and in retail stores.

Going against all odds at a young age, Michael’s incredible story is clear proof that success and fulfillment are achievable. Born to a single teenage mom in the inner city of Miami, Michael is one of many co-founders of the fast-growing brand, Banana Wave®. He is also the creator of the High Ticket Freedom Academy, an online life and business education platform. After suffering a second knee surgery while fighting his way to earn a scholarship to college with dreams of making it into the NBA, he made the decision that changed everything for him; To give up his basketball dreams, find another path to real success, and share the path with others along the journey.

“Sharing my wisdom, experience, and story over the years has been a big source of fulfillment for me as I see other entrepreneurs learn and grow from the information shared in my coaching programs. I believe that everyone has a chance to succeed when they desire enough, have access to the right information, and have the capacity to implement that information. My goal is to help people get access to a real roadmap for success with an online or retail business to help them become their own success stories, I created a free training on my website which is filled with powerful insights from my experience creating over multiple online products and being on the co-founding team of a successful physical retail product that sells in stores.” Says Michael Baptiste.

He says further, “I believe everyone has a superpower. I help people discover their superpower, turn it into an online or retail business that impacts people’s lives around the world. I help people do this while creating a fun lifestyle-friendly business from anywhere around the world. This is what we help our clients do every day inside of our High Ticket Freedom Academy, and you can be the next success story!”

For more information on his free resources and premium coaching services, visit HightTicketFreedom.com

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Michael Baptiste is an international award-winning product creator, innovative life and business coach, and trusted advisor to many successful entrepreneurs. After fighting and winning through difficult situations growing up, Michael’s dream is to create an empowering environment that helps other entrepreneurs find success and fulfillment.

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