European Technology Group Launches the “Klayzer Max 2D Detector,” a Multi-Purpose Gold Detector

German-based European Technology Group is resilient in its goal of being a leading provider of detector machines for gold and a wide range of other metals

It is estimated that 85 percent of the world’s precious metals are still buried in the ground. That means 85 percent of the wealth of the world is still buried in the ground. To get at this massive reserve of untapped wealth, one would need to carry out extensive research on goldmines and get hold of gold detectors machines. European Technology Group specializes in these kinds of advanced technologies. Their customers are world-class mining firms, governments, researchers, universities and other organizations interested in finding or using gold or other minerals.

Recently, the group announced the addition of the “Klayzer Max 2D Detector” to its list of detector machines for gold, silver, platinum, and metals. The Klayzer Max 2D Detector machine is a multi-purpose device with outstanding performance, and it is perfect to mine gold, metal, and old coins. It is designed to detect gold, raw gold, minerals and treasures no matter the depth they are buried in the ground.

Based in Germany, European Technology Group is reckoned to be the first company specializing in gold detectors, gold ore detectors, metal detectors, and groundwater detectors. In addition, the company features a collection of long-range locators, imaging system decorators, electromagnetic systems, and gold nuggets collection.

German gold detectors are classified as the best globally without a competitor and are characterized by high quality, high performance, and accuracy in the search results. Furthermore, the addition of the Klayzer Max 2D Detector is proof that European Technology Group is not resting on its oars as they are committed to providing the best gold detector machines in all of Europe and the world in general.

Aside from being a hotspot for gold detectors, European Technology Group provides customers worldwide with secure payment methods, fast shipping and delivery, the best prices on all detectors, and 24/7 support. 

The Klayzer Max 2D Detector is already listed on the European Technology Group, and there are other detector machines listed on the group’s website. For an overview of the gold detector price for the detectors sold by European Technology Group, please visit

About European Technology Group

The world’s first company specializing in gold detectors, gold ore detectors, metal detectors, groundwater detectors. The company is located in Germany, the world’s most powerful industrial country. As Germany gathers the world’s largest manufacturers of gold detectors and metal detectors, the European Technology Group provides these products at the cheapest prices, the fastest shipping methods and the easiest way to buy and get detectors with exceptional support.

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