Premium Parts Offers Superior Rapid Prototyping and CNC Machining at Reasonable Rates

The production company specializes in sheet metal, rapid tooling, and plastic injection molding.

Premium Parts, a CNC prototyping and production company out of Dongguan City, China, is offering low-cost machining services with refined precision. Through their innovative rapid prototyping and CNC machining capabilities, they aim to lead Asia’s manufacturing sector in the near future. A combination of advanced technologies, excellent customer service, and reasonable pricing has granted the company international exposure to the US, UK, French, Canadian, German, Australian, Japan, and Korean markets.

By simplifying and shortening lead time within their rapid prototyping services, Premium Parts can deliver low and mid-volume production components at a much lower cost with repeatable capability. Through their rapid tooling processes, the company produces top-quality steel and aluminum prototype services for low-volume, bridge, and even mass production plans. The use of hardened steel tooling for production is meant for higher volumes, while aluminum tooling is implemented for fast, dependable, and cost-effective molds at lower volumes. Premium Parts utilizes rapid tooling over conventional prototyping due to four key advantages: quicker turnaround, higher precision, less design limitations, and lower cost for production.

As for the company’s CNC machining capabilities, Premium Parts works with various metals and plastics to produce refined, custom CNC machining parts with close attention to details. The company makes intricate tooling, prototypes, and end-components for a wide set of industry applications thanks to a diverse portfolio of clientele. To do this, Premium Parts offers precision CNC machines with three to five axes, perfectly suited for CNC milling and turning operations. The use of CNC machining presents five core benefits: top-tier precision, lower tooling costs, diverse material selection, a fast turnaround, and appealing finishing options like inscription, etching, and engraving.

About Premium Parts

Specializing in CNC prototyping and a list of other services, Premium Parts carries out CNC machining, sheet metal, cast urethane, extrusion, rapid tooling, die casting, plastic injection molding, and 3D printing. The company supports a wide range of industries, most notably the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and lighting and electronics verticals. Using innovative ideas and cutting edge technologies, Premium Parts aims to become one of Asia’s leading manufacturing service providers.

Interested customers can visit the company’s website to peruse their services, or submit a contact form to receive a 24 hour quote. 

To get in contact with Premium parts, customers can email or call +86 133322905371.

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