Richard Moghadam and the Movement to Save Main Street Businesses via The Funded Project

The Funded Project was created by Richard Moghadam, having recognized that no business succeeds without customers

There’s been a lot of fuss about the issue of business funding over the past year. Many who want to start their own business feel that they have to rely on loans from banks and high-interest rate credit cards – simply because they do not have the money before they get started. Businesses need resources but don’t have the time or the money to keep up with them.

Founded by Richard Moghadam, The Funded Project is a reality TV show on YouTube where Richard takes business owners and entrepreneurs on his business development journey, serial entrepreneurship, and his staff as they work with small business owners to help them develop strategies to grow their business. The Funded Project was created to support innovators and entrepreneurs who are running into funding problems.

Richard provides businesses with a way out of funding problems by displaying merchandise on the project’s website. As a result, every dollar from merchandise sales is re-invested into small businesses to provide services they otherwise could not afford. In addition, the initiative also provides jobs in the community through The Funded Project.

Richard Moghadam works as an independent sales organization in the alternative financing space in addition to his graphic arts studio and website building unit. It lays heavy on his heart to have a good image for his family and the people he helps. The Funded Project is a YouTube series with over 5,000 YouTube subscribers and 3,200 email subscribers. It is a not-for-profit project where Richard Moghadam uses his money and money from charitable individuals and organizations to help businesses.

Despite the setbacks he faced, Richard Moghadam stayed determined to strive for global impact. Unfortunately, his past has even prevented him from having The Funded Project aired on larger audiences. Nonetheless, Richard’s past does not keep him from actualizing his goals as he seizes every opportunity to tell the story of what he went through, from his time in prison to how he built Metromedia Funding Solutions out of sheer determination and passion. The Funded Project is an extension of Richards’s Metromedia Funding Solutions, where he tries to help others never travel the road he traveled.

Follow Richard’s story via The Funded Project’s YouTube page at To learn more about The Funded Project and support Richard as he continues to help businesses across the United States, please visit

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