The consumer-grade 3d scanner will become a game-changer in the nearly future

According to the most recent research from Loughborough University scientists, 3D scanning results can achieve 4500 percent more accurate results (peter, 2021). This means that 3D scanning technology will be widely used in various areas of people’s lives, such as personalised services.

Customized service was thought to be an expensive experience for a select group of wealthy individuals. Low and middle-income people are not expected to have well-fitting clothing or to live a customised, stylish life because it is not financially feasible. As a result, most people believe that only the wealthy can afford expensive customised services, while the rest of them can only put up with unsuitable items for the rest of theirs lives.

However, as 3D technology has advanced, more customer-grade 3D scanners have entered the market. The accuracy is higher than most people expect, and it can meet the majority of their needs. Two scanners, Revopoint pop and Creality cr scan 01, are tested and compared to see how consumer-grade 3D scanners perform.

These two scanners are for the consumer-grade scanner; Revopoint Pop has a successful kickstart campaign, raising $2 million. Creative 3D, a well-known 3D printer manufacturer, also released the Creality Cr scan.

So, what’s the difference between these two 3D scanners that are similarly priced?

First, a scanning test will be performed by scanning the same model and comparing the results.

Prior to scanning, it was discovered that the CR scan 01 only supports the Windows operating system and requires a powerful PC.

Revopoint POP is compatible with four operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS) and is friendly to office laptop users as POP does not require a high-end PC.

Because the 3D scanner uses optical scanning technology, not all objects can be scanned. Color, material, structure, and the size of the object will all have an impact on the scan results. The scanning objects will be compared in four dimensions: colour, material, size, and structure.

1. Color

White: David – Difficulty Index *

Black: Shoe – Difficulty Index  ****

The scanner’s exposure requirements differ depending on the colour shade. Generally, white objects are the easiest, while mixed black and white colors are the most difficult. David’s plaster statue(1A)was chosen as the object to scan for white objects, which are commonly used in art practise. The Revopoint POP and the Creality CR scan 01 both scanned quickly and well. If only the front side of the exported models is examined, it is difficult to determine which scanners were scanned.

Note: The image on the left is Creality, and the image on the right is Revopoint. All of the images are from Meshlab.

However, when the model flip over, it can see that the Revopoint POP scanned model has a thin line on the neck, whereas the Creality CR scanner 01 does not(1B). As a result, the Revopoint POP scans more details than the Creality cr-01.

2. Material

Plaster: David — Difficulty Index *

Smooth leather: Shoes — Difficulty Index**

Marble: Gollum — Difficulty Index***

Metal: Weight Plate — Difficulty Index****

The light emitted by the scanner is reflected differently by different materials. Transparent materials cannot be scanned because light will pass through them. Mirrors and other objects with high-reflective surfaces are difficult to scan. The best surfaces to scan are uniform diffuse reflective surfaces.

In this section, four objects must be tested.

One is the plaster statue of David in the front(1A). The other three items are a shoe made of smooth leather and marble Gollum, and a metal Weight Plate.

Both scanners can finish the scan and perform well when scanning the leather shoe.

Revopoint POP, on the other hand, provides more scanning details(2A).

The next item is a marble Gollum sculpture; the surface is very smooth, and the model is relatively small. And the outline of the object scanned by Revopoint POP is more visible than the outline of the object scanned by Creality CR scan01(2B).

The outer ring of the Weight Plate made of steel is very smooth, and it’s easy to become reflective. The middle part is relatively rough and more accessible for the scanner to identify and scan. Both scanners did not achieve high-quality scanning results of a weight plate, But Revopoint POP still gain more details than CR Scan 01(2C).

Because the round tube in the centre of the Weight Plate is small, the Creality CR Scanner 01 model does not show it well. In terms of detail, Revopoint pop, on the other hand, is consistently excellent.

3. Size

Small objects: Agrippa – Difficulty Index***

Large objects: Body- Difficulty Index****

The size of the scanned object affects the accuracy and difficulty of the scan. If the scanned object is too small, the accuracy of the scanning result suffers. If the scanned object is too large and prone to tracking loss, resulting in point cloud stitching errors, the accuracy will also suffer.

Both scanners use the handheld mode to scan a person, and it didn’t have too much difference in the scanning speed. As for the scanning result, Revopoint POP has more details of the eyes than CR Scan 01, and also, PoP performs better on scanning hair than CR Scan01. CR Scan 01 barely captures any hair details(3A and 3B).

The Agrippa was chosen to scan small objects in turntable mode with the Creality CR scanner 01. However, after several attempts, a stitching error occurs, and it eventually scans successfully in hand mode. Revopoint POP, on the other hand, quickly scanned it and successfully entered it(3C).

This comparison is self-evident. On the left, the objects scanned by the Creality CR scanner 01 are nearly invisible, whereas the models scanned by the Revopoint POP on the right are much clearer.

4. Structure

Simple: David – Difficulty Index*

Normal: noodle cup- difficulty index ***

Difficult: Durian-difficulty index ****

Due to more occlusions, objects with particularly complex shapes tend to produce a high number of holes in the scanned model. Hollowed-out objects will have a large number of obscured parts, making the scan difficult to complete.

In this section, three objects were chosen to be tested: the David plaster statue, the noodle cup, and durian.

The structure of the David plaster statue is the simplest, with no obscured areas and no protruding horns. As a result, its structure is the most basic(1A). The noodle cup’s structure is relatively simple, with no feature to track, and it isn’t easy to scan(4A and 4B). The durian structure is not particularly complex, but its spines look similar in all directions and are difficult to track during the scanning process(4C).

For noodle cups, the results of CR Scan 01 have more extra parts that need to be cleaned off, but Reveopoint pop performs better as its scan is clear and precise, which doesn’t need to clean up(4A and 4B).

Durian is difficult to scan and both scanners took several attempts to scan it successfully. Both scanner’s scanning results look good first. But the scan that comes out of the CR Scan 01 is with blurry spikes and is far more different from the original scanning as it should be sharp and looks clear. So it can see that CR Scan 01 has a lower resolution(4C).

On the contrary, POP works better on the details of durian spikes, which is pretty close to the scanning object itself due to the high resolution.So it proves that POP has a higher resolution than CR Scan 01.


Following the comparison of scanning tests, the following conclusion can be reached.

When scanning a relatively large object with few details, the two scanners produce similar results. When there are a lot of details, the Creality CR scanner 01 does not perform as well as the Revopoint POP, especially when the scanned object is small, like Agrippa. The Creality CR scanner 01 has an official accuracy of 0.1mm, while the Revopoint POP has an accuracy of 0.3mm.

However, after comparison, it is clear that the Creality CR scanner 01’s accuracy is exaggerated than that of the Revopoint POP. Creality’s official parameters are thought to be deceptive to users.

Both scanners have good adaptability for scanning objects that come in general conditions of colors and materials. But POP works better on scanning hair than CR Scan01.

In addition, Revopoint POP works better on scanning objects that are small and complex than CR Scan 01 as POP has higher scanning accuracy and is lightweight to scan anywhere.

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