Jay Abiona Starts an #OpenToWork Project on LinkedIn to Connect Job Seekers with New Opportunities

The founder and CEO of Credible Security Solutions, Inc. has opened his LinkedIn network to provide assistance to professionals who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Over a year ago, the entire world was caught off guard by the news of the pandemic that has changed the way people lived. Because of the multiple lockdowns experienced all over the world, many businesses had to shut down to cut off their costs – leaving thousands of people jobless and uncertain of their future. Seeing the reality that many people have been facing in recent times, Jay Abiona decided to use his platform to help professionals look for a new job with the help of his LinkedIn connections.

In November 2020, Jay came up with the idea to start a project, where he promotes and features job seeker profiles on his LinkedIn page who are #OpenToWork. Since starting his posts in December 2020, Jay has already featured 85+ #OpenToWork professionals. The featured posts had 600,000+ views, 24,000+ likes, 4,000+ comments, and 2,000+ shares, with the project gaining traction upon every post.

Thanks to his own initiative using the #OpenToWork hashtag created by LinkedIn, Jay was able to help Melvin Savio land a new job. “I normally would not post much on LinkedIn. But on this occasion, I have to mention Jay Abiona – a big thank you and kudos on the hustle!,” he said. “Jay Abiona reached out to me, to give me a shout out, introducing me to the immense LinkedIn community and I have to say, his post along with the grace of god worked wonders! I was open to work at the time he shared me to his vast network, and in no time did I receive a full time offer! I made a bunch of connections and landed at least 3 new interviews after your post! I received 2 offers and chose Houston, as I love Texas! Your post increased my profile visibility, and I think that’s what most people need, their profile to be visible to a greater audience and your post does just that!”

Another connection and professional who Jay features is Keith Steltzer, who also benefited from Jay’s vast LinkedIn network. “I would like to thank Jay Abiona for sharing my profile with his network. Very much appreciate him helping me bring additional views to my profile. Jay has been doing great things on LinkedIn, helping people who are looking for work. If you are not already connected with Jay, I highly recommend that you reach out and connect. Once again, thank you Jay, you are awesome!”

Currently, Jay is accepting new professional connections in the United States who are currently unemployed and are #OpenToWork. Feel free to connect with Jay Abiona on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/jay-abiona-4758024a.

About Jay Abiona

Jay Abiona is the founder and CEO of Credible Security Solutions, Inc., (#CssOne) a premier security consultation, private investigation, and personal protection agency. His advice to the public at all times is to Stay Alert & Be Safe! #SABS

Since December 2020, he has been using his LinkedIn network to connect job seekers with potential job opportunities in the United States.

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