Mom and her Millenial Kiddos Disrupt Digital Marketing with All-in-one Platform for Non-Marketers

No experience needed for businesses to scale quickly with new digital marketing framework.

It’s no secret that many startups and small businesses fail early on because of marketing failures. Many entrepreneurs aim to do their marketing themselves, and it doesn’t always work out. The team at HipCat Society wants to help pioneering entrepreneurs get the most from their time and money by launching an all-in-one platform that makes digital marketing simple. Plus, there’s no experience needed.

“We genuinely care about the success of your mission,” said Shannon Mackey, co-founder of HipCat Society. “Because at the end of the day, it’s about having a bigger and totally measurable impact on what got you here in the first place. This platform is a ‘Business-in-a-Box’ to guide you on a marketing journey that creates impact, influence, and income.”

The team at HipCat Society has merged their 20+ years in the marketing niche to help entrepreneurs tackle marketing with confidence. This is done by inspiring clarity through the Brand Vault, a free brand mini-course that refines clients’ messaging and helps them connect with their audience while finding their competitive edge to stand out in the marketplace. HipCat Society helps their clients by analyzing their goals and providing tailored, action-focused marketing strategies telling them precisely what they need to do to grow their business. These marketing strategies are broken down into small, bite-sized steps to make it super easy for clients to complete daily. This consistent action gives them the confidence and momentum to see results.

HipCat Society says they built their platform from their philosophy of “Marketing With Love” and they are honored to help businesses of all sizes – from the conceptual stages to startups to established businesses.

Not only does HipCat Society provide a marketing framework and strategy to make the system enjoyable for businesses, they are also doing it at a fraction of the cost of other competitors. Clients can choose between the platform’s Freemium version, which has no credit card requirement. This option includes the Brand Vault, three blueprints, and the Strategy Roadmap. The paid version is $77 per month and includes all blueprints, the Metrics Dashboard, and the Social IQ Grid.

For a limited time, they’re offering an exclusive one-time lifetime price of $997 to the first 150 people who wish to be Legacy for Life Founding members. This includes the entire marketing platform, including new features that will be added in the future.

The team at HipCat Society invites any business owner who’s ready to grow (including those in the conceptual stage, starting out, or ready to scale) to visit their website and learn more about what sets their platform aside from other digital marketing platforms on the web today. Businesses that are serious about competing in the crowded online space only stand to gain with HipCat Society.

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