California Industrial Rubber Services Different Kinds of Conveyor Belts

There are multiple conveyor belt systems, and each of them has a different purpose. Companies like California Industrial Rubber Co. supply these conveyor belts with the rubber and plastic parts they require for normal function. It is important for individuals to understand the different types of conveyor belt systems and the services they provide. 

Types of Conveyor Belts and Applications

Before the invention of conveyor belts, manual labor was much more intense in the manufacturing process. Conveyor belts have made the process of production much easier and efficient. The following offers information on some of the types of conveyor belts that are serviced by California Industrial Rubber Co. 

Solid Conveyor Belts

This is the most common type of conveyor belt in the industry. A solid conveyor belt features materials such as rubber or nylon. As the name suggests, the belt is solid and has no openings along its length. This type of belt is ideal for all types of product movement, including materials that are small. To learn more about the rubber used, visit

Filter Conveyor Belts

A filter conveyor belt allows small particles to pass through. These belts can be used to drain excess liquid or remove toxins from products. Water treatment companies often use this type of conveyor belt system in the process of treating water. 

Woven Metal Conveyor Belts

Woven metal conveyor belts feature interlinked metal chains. This type of conveyor system allows for airflow around the product. These belts are most commonly used for drying products in the end stages of production. 

Hinged Conveyor Belts

A hinged conveyor belt is often made of metal. This type of conveyor belt system offers a smooth surface that is capable of rotation. Manufacturing companies typically use these conveyor belt systems for small parts. 

Plastic Interlocking Conveyor Belts

Plastic conveyor belts are modular, which means they are easy to move and rework. They can be used for a variety of material handling needs. These conveyor belt systems are often used in food handling. 

Conveyor Belts Make Moving Materials Much More Efficient

As discussed above, material handling was once highly labor-intensive. Today, the process has been greatly improved with the invention of conveyor belt systems. Those belt systems that use rubber and plastic parts must be serviced by a rubber company. Those who would like to learn more should visit

With conveyor belt systems, materials can be moved in a variety of directions, making production much faster. Companies that employ these belts have a better production level than those that do not. As mentioned above, some types of conveyor belts can be moved with ease. 


Conveyor belts have come a long way since they were first introduced in 1905. The first belt was invented for mining purposes, but these belts are now used in a variety of industries. Companies that use conveyor belts in production need to make sure they have a rubber supplier to keep their belts running smoothly. 

California Industrial Rubber Co. distributes industrial rubber and plastic materials to a wide array of companies. Since 1958, they have been servicing companies in Nevada and California, and they now have seven branch locations. 

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