Helen Schifter Setting Inspiring Example in Wellness Industry

During the past few months, we have gone through some intense and disturbing experiences. The coronavirus pandemic changed our way of life while teaching us several important lessons on health and wellness. People these days are eager to find new ways to live a healthy and happy life. Helen Schifter, a famous arbitrage trader from New York, is working hard to spread awareness on health and wellness while helping people to make the right choices in life.

Recently, she focused on the tea ceremony and its wonderful benefits to the world. With in-depth research on how tea affects the physical and mental health of individuals, Helen Schifter has come up with many valuable recommendations. Studies reveal that Matcha and green tea offer myriad benefits in terms of health improvement. It is just because these teas are loaded with plenty of antioxidants that are widely known as catechins. Experts believe that this useful content in tea helps to lower bad cholesterol levels and can treat high blood pressure as well. She also states that Matcha is a much cleaner solution for our health as compared to coffee and it can provide sustained calming effects along with smoother energy levels due to the presence of amino acid L-Theanine.

In a recent interview, Helen Schifter revealed that there are mainly four spiritual pillars associated with the tea ceremony. The list includes harmony, respect, tranquillity, and purity. If everyone understands and follows these concepts in day-to-day life, it may leave an amazing impact on the entire world. While guiding people about overall wellbeing and internal happiness, she states that everyone should try something spiritual in life. Also, it is good to read newspapers instead of scrolling social media feeds all day long. In order to unwind and refresh, people also need to eliminate excess noise while reducing harsh lighting from the surroundings. Other than this, it is important to practice inversions that could raise your overall health and fitness level.

Helen Schifter says that fitness and wellness must be the first goal of every person in life, and to achieve this, they need to commit to healthy habits. It is not just about physical fitness; rather, people need to enhance their emotional and mental health as well. Moreover, determined people can achieve any tough goal in life, even if it is to fight a chronic illness or health issue.

About Helen Schifter

Helen Schifter is a famous arbitrage trader who is associated with Wall Street. At the same time, she is also recognized as a former editor at Conde Nast and Hearst. Helen Schifter completed her graduation from Philips Exeter Academy and Amherst College. She has written many valuable and inspiring journal articles on burning issues around the world. During the critical times of the coronavirus pandemic, she has inspired people towards physical and mental wellness through her motivational and information-rich articles. She believes that the art of healing and informing can create miracles in our lives. Helen has been a role model to several people who want to live a healthy and disease-free life. 

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