Couple Receives Associates Home Loan Adoption Grant On Their Journey As Adoptive Parents

Couple Receives Associates Home Loan Adoption Grant On Their Journey As Adoptive Parents

“Ram and Anjali Das – Winners of Associates Home Loan Adoption Grant”
Florida-based loaning company Associates Home Loan awards a couple an adoption grant to help them in the process of being adoptive parents. The couple will receive $1,000 to help them with adoption expenses.

Tampa, Florida – July 20, 2021 – Associates Home Loan Adoption Grant gives yet another couple financial assistance in their journey towards being adoptive parents. The couple will be working with an agency called Building Blocks Adoption Service located in Medina, Ohio. Soon-to-be parents Ram and Anjali Das are delighted to receive a $1,000 grant to help in their adoption expenses.

Adoption is often a long and emotional process. Aside from the time investment, many couples go through several hoops of passing background checks, paying agency fees, and communicating with several people. The time, effort, and financial responsibilities that one must take during their adoption journey are not easy tasks. This is why some give up or take too long on the process of adoption.

Associates Home Loan recognizes the fulfillment of raising a child. Not all parenting stories are the same, and an adoption story is one that is full of hope and unconditional love. Choosing to be a parent to someone is a selfless, compassionate act, and the Tampa-based loaning company believes that the couples who want to adopt deserve all the help they need.

This is the primary inspiration for establishing the Associates Home Loan Adoption Grant. By providing this yearly program for aspiring parents, it can hopefully ease the financial burdens that come with the adoption process.

The recent winner of the adoption grant is Ram and Anjali Das. Ram and Anjali have dreamed of becoming parents and adopting even before they were married. As the couple experienced several pregnancy losses, they felt that adoption is the right path for them. Both are passionate people who love children.

Anjali is a special education teacher who absolutely loves her profession. She loves working with children having diverse needs, and she hopes to extend her love and care for a child they can adopt. Anjali also volunteered at an orphanage in Guatemala, which opened her eyes to the importance of a parent in a child’s life.

“Anjali has been a Special Education Teacher for 13 years. She loves her job! She has worked with several kids from the foster care system, and has experience with trauma-informed care,” they mentioned.

Ram, on the other hand, is a successful professional in a multinational company. He is a godfather to a lot of nephews and nieces that he showers with love.

“Ram has a successful business career at a multinational company. He is the favorite uncle to many nieces and nephews, and keeps everyone laughing,” added the couple.

The winning couple also mentioned that adoption was the light of hope in the many heartaches they faced as hopeful parents. After experiencing a series of losses, they believe that they can turn their pain into giving hope to someone who needs it. A safe home, an enriching environment, and a loving family are what a child needs to truly thrive.

“We look forward to raising a child to be brave, healthy, caring, and intelligent,” Ram and Anjali mentioned as they concluded their application.

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