California Industrial Rubber Offers Belt Lacing Services

California Industrial Rubber Offers Belt Lacing Services

Many industries rely on conveyor belts for material handling in production. These belt systems are highly important because they increase efficiency and reduce manpower. When a conveyor belt is not working properly, it can bring production to an immediate halt, which can cost companies money. California Industrial Rubber Co. is dedicated to providing its customers with belt lacing services when they are needed. 

What Is Conveyor Belt Lacing?

Conveyor belt lacing is a service that helps to replace the conveyor belt or repair a damaged belt. Clipper wire-hook is the lacing repair of choice. It offers a strong grip across the entire width of the rubber belt. This repair does not degrade the strength of the belt. 

Unlike some repairs, belt lacing services keep a low profile, which helps to reduce excess noise. Lacing also helps to prevent wear and tear, making the conveyor belt last much longer. The lacing does not interfere with the movement of materials or the speed at which the conveyor belt operates. 

The conveyor belt lacing is made of minute wire hooks that are made into a double-staggered pattern. The lacing is applied via a machine, so it is highly precise and secure. The lacing system can be used to replace a damaged area of rubber belt without having to remove the entire panel. 

Hiring Professionals for Belt Lacing Is Essential

In the manufacturing process, downtime can become a big problem that costs companies money every second. When it comes to conveyor belt repair and replacement, lacing services are essential and need to be carried out swiftly. Companies like California Industrial Rubber Co. are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and prompt lacing services when they are needed most. Visit to find out more.

Types of Conveyor Belts That Are Serviced

The right company can help a manufacturer with all their conveyor belt needs, including helping them choose the right application for their production. It is important companies have access to a wide array of conveyor belt services. The following offers information on some of the types of conveyor belts that can be installed and serviced by these professionals. 

  • Food grade PVC

  • Nylon core belts

  • PVC elevator belts

  • Plastic modular belts

  • Food grade RMV

  • Heat-resistant belts

  • Monofilament

  • Oil-resistant belts

  • And many more

Companies that are in need of these services should visit to learn more. These services can be set up according to the needs of the company. With lacing and other services, companies can rest assured their conveyor belts will remain working properly. 


With conveyor belt lacing services, repairs and replacements can be carried out quickly. There is no need to replace the entire belt when only one small section needs to be repaired or replaced. With these services, companies can prolong the life of their conveyor belts. 

California Industrial Rubber Company is a company that provides a wide array of rubber and plastic materials and services to companies in multiple industries. For over sixty years, they have been servicing Nevada and California, and they now have over seven full-service branch locations.

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