CSR-in-Action Opens Branch in Canada to Facilitate Access to African Markets

Joins Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada.

Ontario, Canada – July 21, 2021 – CSR-in-Action Group, one of sub-Saharan Africa’s foremost sustainability strategy consulting outfits, has opened a North American branch in Ontario, Canada, to facilitate access for North American extractive firms seeking a foothold in Africa whilst increasing firm’s global reach.

Bekeme Olowola, Chief Executive, CSR-in-Action

The CSR-in-Action Group is the one-stop partner and consultancy for business intelligence, collective action and corporate governance in Africa, with a mission to redefine the sustainability terrain on the continent. The firm’s consulting services include Assurance, Community and Stakeholder Engagement, Need & Impact Assessment, Social, Environmental and Human Rights Assessment, Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability Reporting, Business Intelligence, Economic Networking, Strategy Development and Sustainability Incubation.

Promoting International Engagements: Bekeme Olowola, Chief Executive, CSR-in-Action (L), and Alan Tousignant, Chief of the Economic Section, U.S. Embassy, at one of CSR-in-Action’s Stakeholder Engagement Forums for Africa’s Extractive Industries

In line with its focus on Africa’s extractive industries, the group has joined the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), the leading voice of the mineral exploration and development community in Canada. With corporate and individual members around the world, PDAC’s work centers on supporting a competitive, responsible mineral sector.

With sustainability emerging as a core component of business strategy for efficient and dynamic corporate organizations, CSR-in-Action’s membership of the PDAC will facilitate access for North American extractive firms seeking to do business in Africa or invest in African businesses while offering critical insights on sustainability in the African business terrain.

“The PDAC is a globally recognized platform for advocating the values of fairness, equity, engagement and inclusion in the extractive sector. These are values that we also cherish,” said ‘Bekeme Olowola, Chief Executive of CSR-in-Action.

“Membership of this highly esteemed body will, therefore, give us an opportunity to extend our unique services to Canadian and other extractive companies in the North American region, which we believe, will be of immense benefits to them, considering our expertise in solving core sustainability and communications issues within the sector. We are equipped to support the businesses whether in Canada or in Africa,” Olowola added.

The firm’s growing sustainability-focused initiatives in Africa include the Sustainability in the Extractive Industries (SITEI) Initiative, aimed at fostering fiscal and social justice for communities with oil and gas and mining resources. In collaboration with partner, Department for International Development (FOSTER II), CSR-in-Action also produced the highly acclaimed and Nigerian Government endorsed Community Engagement Standards (CES), a tool for delivering tangible and sustainable benefits to extractive communities. The CES consists of 44 well-researched indicators via which extractive communities, businesses and governments can engage equitably and inclusively, ensuring smooth and effective interactions between extractive companies and their host communities. CSR-in-Action has consulted with the major organizations operating in sub-Saharan Africa.

In its campaign for corporate sustainability and governance in Africa, CSR-in-Action started the Corporate Sustainable Investor Report (CSIR), a multi-stakeholder developed report that analyses sustainability activities of businesses all over Nigeria, inclusive of indigenous and multinational businesses, and which is modelled after international reports on sustainable investment and governance.

Membership of the PDAC is expected to provide extractive firms from the North American region with access to critical insights into the global terrain.

About CSR-in-Action

The CSR-in-Action Group is a conglomerate of three sustainability-driven businesses: Consulting, Training and Advocacy. Its mission is to redefine the sustainability terrain in Africa, through collaborative strategies with stakeholders aimed at attaining higher levels of corporate governance, workplace, and sustainable philanthropy. The organization has a clear vision to propel collective transformation in Africa by promoting responsibility amongst all levels in their day-to-day individual or business activities.

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