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Brooklyn, NY, USA – July 21, 2021 – A home gym can look like a simple mirror and take up very little space. The AQUADOM team created the “Energy Fitness Mirror” accessory, which provides us with practical training, motivates, and helps to monitor our health while giving enough space for yoga, boxing, fitness training even in a small apartment strength training, etc.

The smart fitness mirror includes:

• A 43-inch Full HD display (or 32-inch display depending on the model).
• A 5-megapixel front-facing camera.
• Stereo speakers.

For a complete set, you will need one of the special mobile applications with an extensive library of workouts available at any time, as well as the opportunity to receive real-time classes with a real trainer. The mirror allows you to create group sessions with friends; each workout is accompanied by encouraging tasks, which ideally motivate you to better results. Most of the features do not require any monthly fees.

To track health indicators and assess your condition, it is possible to synchronize the Energy Fitness Mirror with heart rate monitors via Bluetooth or Apple Watch. Therefore, we can see the optimal heart rate zones for cardio efforts and exercise selection.

Vigorous workouts are more effective, along with your favorite tracks. You can start playing ready-made playlists from the phone or sync the mirror with Spotify or YouTube Music. The built-in front camera, in turn, helps record your achievements by taking tagged photos and saving them in the gallery. When we do not use the gadget as a personal trainer, it perfectly functions as a comfortable large mirror in which we will fit in full height to evaluate our outfit and image as a whole.

The mirror comes with a mirror care kit, scales, skin checker, a dedicated camera pad, and a stand.

Additionally, you can purchase a heart rate monitor, which then you can connect to a mirror via Bluetooth and track heart rate in real-time, and a set of fitness strips for strength and cardio training.

Additional Information:

• Smart mirror for different types of home workouts
• Companion mobile app
• Classes with a trainer in real-time
• More than 1000+ workouts are available
• Train sessions with friends
• Various ways of motivation, support of trainers
• Multiple types of exercises – from boxing to yoga
• 43″ Full HD 1080p display or 32″ Full HD display (Depending on the model)
• 5MP front camera
• 2x10W speakers for listening to audio and music
• Syncs with Bluetooth heart rate monitors and Apple Watch/Smart Watch for recording heart rate during workouts
• Durable frame
• Built-in omnidirectional microphone
• Simple design and excellent performance of the classic mirror function, it is large enough to capture full height images
• Camera cover included

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